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  1. :wave: Hello, here are the girls from start to finish.... kind of i have wayyyyy too many pics to choose from but these were the freshest of the fresh. :eek: enjoy and comment, we will see where this leads.

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  2. OH a little more detail, these were unknown bagseed. I'm unsure whether these were the good bagseed, or the bad bagseed. Either way look at that, would you just look at it. Gorgeous beauts topping over 9ft for the left and the big motherfucker on the right is 10ft. I haven't been home for a long time so updates will be when harvest comes around :(.... but some more info.

    the left plant has been untopped, where as the right one had been topped twice. The one that has been untamppered with is already in its first month of budding, and the topped one is lagging behind and i'm afraid she'll go into november...... that is a no no where i'm at because one she will be TOO tall. and it will be cold as fawk.

    They smell like peanut butter and jelly, unless you touch the trichs and it smells like skunk lemon. haha goood shieettt dood.
  3. Looking good man! The one one the right is more sativa. It's not because you topped it that it's flowering slower.
  4. Thanks man! It's my first grow, I'm hopping for at least 10oz. Honestly though, anything is fine at this point, because I'm not home to take proper care of them anymore I'm at college and it's too much of a hassle to go back home because I don't have a dang car. And where I'm at the bud sucks so bad! It's always dry and never literally might be doo doo.
  5. Ok so we are getting a frost around the 12th of October, this is very bad! The tall plant will not be ready until october 30th should i be concerned?
  6. You have a crystal ball or something? 4 weeks into the future for the weather is not reliable. At all.

    Keep your eyes peeled. Frost is bad.
  7. Dude I'm just saying I'm not home to take care of them. No need to get a smart-ass attitude talking about crystal balls; your input of the weather would have been much more acceptable. Seriously though, the weather was pretty accurate, the website was only 3 days off for the first frost where I'm currently living and it has been up for a little over a month.

    Does frost ruin your product after the first exposure?
  8. Cannabis is a hardy plant and can handle some abuse. There are factors to consider with a frost. How low it gets below 32f and how long it stays that way is huge. A short and mild freeze will nearly stop growth and bring out a color change. If its just a very gentle freeze followed by more warm weather then allowing the plant to finish is smart. If the freeze is very cold, for several hours, and it seems that the weather is set to be very cold (not breaking 50) for an extended period then you should consider harvesting.

    As the frost melts on the plant and in the area around it the humidity level will get a little obscene. Frosting and melting off on a warm day creates a hospitable environment for mold spores to set root. Covering your plants when you know a very cold frost is coming can he a good idea... But not necessarily in all situations. As the gardener you will have to make the final decision on when to pull and why.
  9. alright excellent information, I'm just hesitant to leave the second plant up and asking someone to chop her down for me because that is a lot of plant. Motherfuckers these days.

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