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  1. i want to start growing and i need some help. i've read a bunch of threads but i have a basic plan. first where is the best place to get seeds? second my plan is to get an aerogarden and start growing in my attic, then once the plants are a foot or two tall transplant them outside. once they are outside how much water should i put on them? how often? what other care should i do for them? and how long will it take to be able to get bud from them?
  2. First, I'd just start simple with some bagseed to get the hang of it. i never recommend spending money on something unless you know the outcome. Good genetics are important, but if you put in the time and effort you should be able to grow almost any seed you're given. Once you transplant outside there are many factors regarding your questions. What climate you live in, type of soil, amount of rain. You don't want your roots to dry out, but they can't constantly be swimming either, Your plants will start to show preflowers in the beginning of fall when the days get shorter. Harvest time will vary as some indicas are ready in 6 weeks and some sativas can take as long as 16.
  3. I just finished my second failed aerogarden grow. I REALLY wanted it to work. It just didn't work for me. The last plant is now in soil but I'm still not sure if it will make it. :mad:
  4. so the aerogarden wasn't good for you?

    and i live in south florida, so lots of rain in the summer and its hot as balls
  5. Nope, not good for me yet. Things go bad fast and thwen I counldn't get them good again. I understand that soil id easier to adjust when you screw up.:rolleyes:

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