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  1. So im getting alittle too paranoid. My thought is if the national plan for countries is to herd immunity the population what would stop them from intentionally spreading the virus. If you wanted to infect alot of people that wont have serious complications to the virus the easiest way would be to open testing to all residents. The people who are at risk get the test and the people that you want to be herd immunized get swabbed with the virus and told to self quarantine.
  2. Intentionally making people sick with a life threatening illness is an idea whose time hasn't come. I get it, we used to have Measles, Mumps, and Chicken Pox parties so kids could get the disease and get it over with while they were young and resilient but this disease is too new to know what it's going to do in the future. I remember my Measles party in the 1950s.
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  3. They have case study from china which aint worth shit if you ask me but the sentiment I get from the US govt is
  4. The thing about denial is that it doesn't feel like denial when it's going on.
    The 5 stages include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

    Good Luck
  5. UK is thinking about the idea of segregating the at risk and letting everyone else tough it out. It would go faster if you selectively introduced a stream. Because Merica aint got enough test kits, mandate only one person per household get "tested" and infect em. Dont get me started on how much we will save in healthcare once we can "ethically" purge the burden on our system.
  6. 25% to 50% of Americans are predicted to eventually get this crap. All the current efforts are doing is slowing it down to keep from swamping the medical system and creating a triage event where you have to let the worst infected just die.
    There is simply not enough respirators and qualified workers on the entire planet if 100,000 infected show up on the same day. We saw that happen in China when it started. We'll never know the truth of how many died there but we can guess by the numbers coming out of Italy now. If it holds between 4% and 7% kill rate it'll be far worse then the Spanish flu of 1918.
    China claimed it was under 1%. South Korea had held it to about 2%. Japan it's at 3% (High % of elderly)
    All eyes on Europe next and hope the reporting numbers are accurate.

  7. Don't Forget Australia they are even letting the old shop first and still pannicking lol
  8. The government always has cures for the shit they make but there's no big money or population control in cures. Get money make people sick ,Let stay sick until they die
  9. Haha we had a chicken pox party couple years ago. Found out my niece had them so get her round to infect my 2 year old and her other cousin
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  10. I'm in full agreement mate. Only difference being I don't think we should protect the elderly. Not because I'm a heartless bastard but because they'll just spread it about next year and the year after that.
    Swarm immunity can only be achieved if everyone gets it and the weaker ones are killed off.
    Gotta let it effect everyone so that the survivors can get back to life as usual.
  11. Seems to be the plan at work, just keep washing your hands.
  12. Leave the thinking to others and you'll be fine
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  13. noones really wrong.. just different thought processes. Inevitably the lifestyle we lead is unsustainable. Reality is the world cannot continue at our current rate of growth plus thw fact that we keep living longer.. Ethically it is atrocious to say let the elderly die but it doesnt change the larger problem.. Diminishing natural resources and ever-increasing population is a real thing that eventually will have to be reckoned with. We are not there yet but it will come. Things like this are the worlds attempt at population control. Sucks but true
  14. So lets compromise and shoot everyone between 25 and 50, that should help the Earth heal.
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  15. Honestly the logic is sound but doesn't make as much sense to kull the breeding population. Again I am not for it and I wish the world could continue for ever and we had all have everything that we want all the time.. I imagine you know that is not possible though so we are where we are..
  16. Used to be that 25 was considered already too old for breeding.
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  17. Not untrue. The world is ever changing and change is not necessarily a great thing. The best thing for the world in general is if the virus wiped all of us out but that does no one any favors. Again I root for the best for everyone and wish noone anything bad but change is coming whether we like it or not
  18. Yeah, good point. If all the old people die off, in 20 years the population will again be at least what it is now. If those between 20 and 35 die off the population would be greatly reduced for generations. You've convinced me.
  19. What size is your foil hat?
  20. interesting as usual i see.. please do dispurse the knowledge killset

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