Herbie's seized at JFK

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  1. So ordered up about $75 worth of seeds from Herbie's and a couple weeks later I get the package in the mail with a nice letter from customs saying they had seized the seeds. Anybody have a good way to contact them? I sent an email right away with a copy of the customs letter and haven't heard anything from them and it's been a couple weeks. Is the second time having seeds seized. First was with seedsman and they responded within 24 hours. Kinda starting to regret trying out Herbie's.
  2. Use seed banks located in the country you are in if possible.
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  3. north atlantic seed company out of maine is good if you are in the united states.
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  4. Does your package go through Chicago customs by any chance?
    I agree with @sweedright ........North Atlantic Seeds.
    I placed an order with a credit card and got my seeds within 4 days.........great service.
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  5. Only info I got was that my package was seized at JFK airport. I know federally marijuana is illegal but it seems like they wouldn't seize seeds going to states that have legalized growing
  6. Customs is a federal agency, so yeah, they seize seeds.
    As was said, go with a US based seed company.
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  7. Plus you always get freebies.
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  8. The Vault guarantee orders so should this issue occur we would resend for free! We also accept credit card payments again in the USA so give us a go next time :)
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  9. Here's my .25 cents worth (inflation ya know)... One of my handy dandy contacts, a guy who just retired from customs, says that while marijuana seeds aren't really illegal to possess, importing undeclared plant products is. A seed is considered a plant product. He said unless there was a bale of weed or something they are too busy to mess with someone importing weed seeds other than confiscating them and destroying them.
  10. check out Herbies branch - Herbies USA express. They're now located in us = that means to seized seeds lol

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