Herbies Seeds Updates 10th August 2018

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  1. Herbies Seeds Updates 10th August 2018

    Back in stock – you can see the full listing on our Back in Stock page

    Spliff Seeds Super Skunk Regs
    Critical Mass Collective Monster Mass Fems
    Dr Krippling Kripple Shock Fems
    Dark Horse Genetics Kings Banner Regs
    Dark Horse Genetics Original Bruce Banner Regs (very limited stock)
    TGA Subcool Chernobyl Regs

    New Strains Added – you can see the full listing on our New Seeds page

    Dr Krippling Seeds – celebrating their 5th anniversary, Dr Krippling have released the following strains which we at Herbies Seeds think will be very popular with our customers.

    Dr Krippling Mango Chutney Auto – 30-120 gr/pp, 18% THC, Sweet and sour flavours with a spicy kick

    Dr Krippling Mango Bubble Cloud Auto – Mango Chutney x Kripplicious, 17% THC, 40-120 gr/pp, Exotic and tropical flavours and aromas

    Dr Krippling Jumping Jack Dash Auto – Jack Herer Auto, 18% THC, 30-120 gr/pp, Spicy taste and soaring high effect

    Dr Krippling GHA Turbo Diesel Auto – GHA x Diesel, 19% THC, Sour fuel, diesel flavour, 50-170 gr/pp

    Dr Krippling Jammy Auto – Amnesa, Sativa Dominant, 18% THC, 40-150 gr/pp delivering a soaring high

    Dr Krippling Shark Infested Custard – Shark Shock x Custard Cream, 20% THC, 400 gr/m2 – its not yellow and its not dangerous!

    Dr Krippling S&M Fems – G13 Skunk x Blue Cheese, 21% THC, 400 gr/m2, 55 days flowering

    Dr Krippling Mango Bubble Cloud Fems – Mango Chutney x Kripplicious, 20.5% THC, 55 Days flowering, sweet flavours and packs a punch

    Dr Krippling Kripplicious Fems – Critical Bilbo x Bubblegum also known as Strawberry Banana Punch, 19% THC, 500 gr/m2, sweet and fruity flavours

    Dr Krippling Jamnesia Haze Fems – Amnesia Haze, 23% THC, 500 gr/m2, Red berry jam flavours, creative and inspiring effects

    Dr Krippling DK Won Fems – G13 Skunk, 48 days flowering, 22% TCH, good for relieving stress.

    Dr Krippling Blueberry Pot Tart Fems – Blueberry x Critical, 22% THC, 350 gr/m2, Blueberry, banana and grape flavours

    Dr Krippling Blue Tease Auto Fems – ready in 75 days, 17% THC, sweet fruit and rich cream flavours

    Dr Krippling Tease Auto Fems – G13 Skunk heritage, 17% THC, ready in 75 days, pungent sweet skunk aromas

    Original Sensible Seeds

    Original Sensible Girl Scout Cookies Auto Fems – (OG Kush x Durban Poison) x Auto Ghost OG, 20% THC, Fruity flavours, body stone, cerebral effect

    Original Sensible White Crystal Meth Auto Fems – White Widow Auto x Crystal Meth, 600 gr/m2 or 100 gr/pp outdoors, skunk and herbal flavours, relaxing physical effect

    Original Sensible Lemonberry Haze Auto Fems – Auto Blueberry Ghost OG x Lemon Haze, 450 gr/m2 Outdoors 120 gr/pp, fruity, berry slightly acidic flavours, good for anxiety related disorders

    Original Sensible ZKittzy Gorilla Fems – Gorilla Glue #4 x Zkittlez, 60% INdica, 40% Sativa, 24% THC, sweet and fruity flavours with hint of chocolate. Potent and well balanced effect

    Original Sensible Zkittlez Fems – (Grape Ape x Grapefruit) x Afghan Kush, 60% Indica , 40% Sativa, 22% THC, Tropical juice fruit flavours, cerebral and relaxing effect

    Original Sensible Gorilla Glue #4 Fems – 50/50 Indica/Sativa, 28% THC, pine and citrus flavours, euphoric relaxing and uplifting effect

    Original Sensible Grandaddy Black Fems – Grandaddy Purple x Black Domina, 95% indica, 23% THC, Sweet and fruity flavour, potent couchlock effect

    Original Sensible Stinkin Bishop Fems – Afghan Kush x Super Skunk, 60% Indica, 20% THC, pungent skunk and mature cheese aromas, energetic and euphoric effect

    New Offers and Promotions – You can see our full list on our Free Seeds Page

    10% off all World Of Seeds

    10% off All Delicious Seeds

    10% off All Samsara Seeds

    10% off All FastBuds Seeds

    Buy One Get One Free Offers

    Buy 10 or 25 packs Humboldt Green Crack from Humboldt Seed Organisation get a pack free

    Buy any 1,3,5 or 10 pack of Dinafem Amnesia XXL Auto, Cheese XXL Auto or White Widow XXL Auto and get a pack free

    Buy any 10 pack of Dinafem Critical+ and get a pack free

    Buy a pack of 7 Dutch Passion Think Different and get 7 free

    Buy a pack of 5 Dutch Passion White Widow get 5 free, buy a 10 pack and get a 10 pack free

    Buy 5 White Label Purple Bud Fems and get 5 free

    Other Offers

    Dutch Passion are offering 3 free Auto Daquirir lime with 10 packs of fruity strains or 7 packs of fruity autos

    Dr Krippling – 1 free seed with every 5 pack, 2 with every 10 pack.. Seed from their new anniversary range.

    Sensi Seeds – 1 free fem with every 5 pack, 2 with every 10 pack of fems purchased or 3 free regs with every reg pack purchased
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