herbicide carryover

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  1. Corn grow, has anyone had any luck with growing in corn in the midwest where the farmers spray herbicides on the crop. Is it best to dig a hole and place new soil around the transplant to protect roots. Thinling of lining holes with a 6 inch strip of plastic to protect the new soil from contamination from the herbicide already in soil. Any suggestions?:hello:
  2. Farmers usually spray corn when its knee high.Thats july where I'm at ,after they spray wait a day or two then your good to go.I have carried in soil and just put em in a hole theres no real difference .I suggest watching your farmers habits first though to see if you'll have time to finish.
  3. Herbicides work through the leaves, not the soil.
  4. FYI == two types of herbicides - preemergent which works through the soil

    Post emergent which works through the leaves. (burn down)

    You can look at the weed sprays on the shelf at wally world. farmers use the same types.

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