Herbalizer vs Volcano

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Captain Canada, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. I'm in the market for a new vape after my Extreme Q finally passed and am torn between both the Herbalizer and the Volcano. I've never used either before and would really appreciate some pointers.

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  2. If you were happy with your Extreme Q, why not get another one?

    You could buy another Q for about 1/3 of the price of either the Volcano or Herbalizer.

    you could also check e-bay for an Extreme Q mod called the DDave mod.
  3. The price point on the Extreme Q is great, but this is actually the second one I've owned and I would like to try something different to compare.

    The Extreme Q, in my opinion, feels like a cheaper make. The fans die out in them, way too many breakable glass parts, they suck for control if you lose your remote, and you need a degree in rocket science in order to replace the bags on the mouthpieces the proper way.

    I've read and watched tons of reviews on the Volcano where people say their unit is 5-10 years old and still runs like the day it was bought. On the he last day my Extreme Q worked, it took just over fifteen minutes to blow up a bag and that thing was only a couple years old.

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  4. If bags are your preference you could look at the Vapir Rise vaporizer or the herbal Air 2.2 or Elite.
    You could buy one of these vapes and still have a LOT of $ left for medicine.

    Just my opinion. It's your $ so you get to decide.
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  5. I looked into both of those and neither seems worth my while. The Vapir Rise has too many pieces and too much stuff going on and the HerbalAire is a definite no. Does not accept grinded material and I am not hooking up an external air pump.

    I really appreciate your suggestions, but price really isn't an issue. I am looking for the best in quality, reliability, and ease of use.

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  6. Not to contradict you, but the herbalaire does accept ground material. That is generally how I use mine as the density of vapor seems better. I also thought the external pump was a big plus for me as if it ever needs replacement (mines going on 3 years) you can easily buy another aquarium pump. You can also get different pumps based on your style. If the pump/fan shits out in a Cano/herbalizer/Q your up shit creek. Herbalaires are also renowned for their durability and craftsmanship. Once again I'm not trying to deter you from whatever you have your mind set on I'm just trying to offer some insight on the pros of the extremely underrated herbalaire.

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  7. I really appreciate your input, thanks!

    I have not personally used any desktop vaporizer other than my old Extreme Qs, and I found that it was a decent vape for the money but the whole bag not having a valve got annoying. I totally get what you're saying about the benefit of having an external pump, very valid statement, but I'm confident in the warranty offered by both the Herbalizer and the Volcano. The idea of the Herbalizer having the aromatherapy bay and settings is great to me where I vaporize essential oils on a regular basis.

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  8. I own a volcano digital and I love it its about five years old and I use it everyday.

    I would replace like for like if it broke now

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  9. Does it still inflate bags as fast as when it was new? How fast does it take to inflate? My last Extreme Q was clocked in at fifteen minutes. Completely unacceptable lol.

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  10. Its the same as when I was gifted it. From switching on it take about a min to hit temp then about two mins too fill it up , it also turns itself off when I forget. Sadly cant speak for your essential oils but it has a thicker gauze for oil and it vapes rosin .
  11. I'm all about vaporizing concentrates too man, I think I'm going to get a Volcano. Everything is always compared to Volcanos in reviews for a reason.

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  12. You get what you pay for imho.

    If your heavy into oils ask others first as I cant compare it to a proper oil rig as tbh I have never tried one.bi was given the rosin and tried it in the cano. It took the face off me lol and when I went to empty it there was nothing left it disappeared .
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  13. @Captain Canada
    I'm a three year herbie user and two year owner. I use mine daily and it functions as the day I bought it, my brother can report the same thing with his older unit.

    The fast heat up time and highly consistent temperature control are the most impressive parts of this vapourizer. It takes no more than 12 seconds from hitting "vaportherapy" to be at your desired temperature.

    If you're mainly a bag user I would suggest hopping over to FuckCombustion forums and look at the Herbalizer thread. The stock Herbalizer bags are terrible so with a few Herbalizer pieces the Volcano Solid Valve can be used with the Herbalizer. The volcano bags and solid valve system are far superior to the Herbalizer bags and only cost $75 shipped from S&B, replacement rolls of bag material are $9 for 3 rolls. I doubt I will need bags for a very long time as I only use 18" at a time and they last a month.

    The biggest difference between the two vapes is Herb chamber size. The Herbalizer has a small bowl that can fit 0.4g compared to the Volcano which can swallow over a gram of weed. This leads to issues with the Volcano when you don't require much weed to get high and wish to conserve what you have. People complain that the Volcano will burn through a lot of weed compared to the Herbalizer which can be very efficient at extracting from small amounts. Of course if you are sharing with friends often enough, I would get the Volcano as it's larger bags and Herb chamber are more suited to 2-4 people. The Herbalizer is best suited to use as a solo unit but two people can use it if desired, three is really stretching the amount of herb in the chamber thin.
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    What's it like for concentrates? The bowl size is definitely a plus for the Herbalizer.

    I'm leaning towards the Volcano where I'm probably never going to use the whip attachment on the Herbalizer.

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  15. I don't use the whip that often as it begins to irritate my throat from having to draw from it so much. I like to use the whip to connect to my DIY bubbler and use the fan assist, besides that I don't really use it. I really like using the Herbie with a water piece and many others do too.

    I find that filling bags at 445*F is the best for concentrates. They require more heat for an extended amount of time to produce vapor. I feel that the Herbie does a great job of extracting the maximum out of your concentrates. I would recommend using pieces of cotton ball and placing the concentrate inside the middle of it. This makes for easy clean up of the concentrate and no mess.
  16. Do you not use the concentrate pad that comes with it for oils and whatnot? I can see the cotton balls being easier to clean up but just think of all the reclaim you're throwing away lol!

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  17. There's honestly nothing left but plant waxes by the end. It's this hard dark brown oily goop that really isn't worth saving as it's already been fully extracted.

    The concentrate pads work well but they get dirty very fast. I would give them a try upon receiving the herbie to see for yourself.
  18. Deadly brother, thank you very much for your input.

    By the way, winegums are my favorite.

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