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Discussion in 'General' started by nyc-smoker, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. Hey has anyone ever tried this herbal 100% legal weed before ? It looks really good and just like real weed too! here is what i was looking at on one of the sites...http://www.herbalsmokeshop.com/hawaiian-herbal-hybrid.html I heard some of these websites are a rip off and give u bad stuff. So what do u guys think about this is it good, has anyone tried it before let me know what u thought.
  2. its a rip off
  3. yea i was lookin at that the other week but they sell a qp for like $130 so i figured its a scam.
  4. Shit i would think, but i've never tried it.
  5. Hey man, don't get it! My buddy wanted to try it one time, he said hell man it's really cheap whats not good about it? I told him some thin' aint right if it's that cheap. He bought it anyway just to try it and see what happens. It arrived and he was so happy, we opened the box and there was a qp looking so damn good, we opened the bag up and it smelled really good so I was kinda thinkin' wow what a good deal man, so we packed it up and smoked like four bowls dude. Its not like it wont make you feel good cuz it does. I felt relaxed more than any thing, wasn't paranoid, and I didn't get the munchies. Then after a while I felt a little dizzy and I had a little bit of a headache. I mean I suppose if you just wanted to make some money off of it that would be alright cuz it's not like it doest work at all.

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