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Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by dankherbs, Mar 19, 2002.

  1. Who do you prefer to puff with??
  2. i like smokin wit inexperienced smokers (friends of course) cause they're hilarious
  3. I just dont know. When smoking with lighweight smokers. They toke a bit and then they say something like "Im all fucked up blah blah blah" But I aint. So I think I will have to say seasoned tokers who know how to load a bowl and take a fatty hit. =)

  4. anyone whos not a dick i smoked once with this guy who was a total jackass high.... thats the last time he gets any of my stuff....
  5. I have 1 prefered smokin buddy- i won't give his name here- he's a great friend and was the one who got me into smoking. But i would smoke with more or less n e 1... Like (ah shit i can't remember who it was) but as they said- as long as they r not a dick while "STONED"- Let's face it when they're acting like a dick they're not stoned- it's impossible to act like an arsehole when stoned or high cos ur so positive and funny- these are the people to use an orgegano joint on!!! Sorry i don't remember who u r btw- i just forget things from time to time...
  6. i totallu understand what you mean icecreamkod. I hate that. But I like my smoker buddies. I have friends who smoke and those who don't. Then I have my REAL smoker friends. And they're the best. Preferably the really funny ones!!
  7. i was thinking about what icecreamkid said and smokin with people who think its kool to say there high and not be just to look kool is the worst. I was once with sum people who ended smoking sum oregano i said was "the shit" and they faked it like actors..... it was pretty bad.....
  8. I honestly gotta say i enjoy smoking alone the most. I have one buddy i smoke with at times. I never really smoke w\ more then 3 people..cuz then you tend to mix in with jackasses.

    BTW eome

    I'm the one who pulled the oregano joint prank
  9. I have a long time friend that I WILL always smoke with. Other than that I don't really care as long as they aren't taking camping trips.(bogarting)

    As a matter of fact my long time friend's brother is the one person I absolutely hate smoking with. He'll hit the joint or whatever is bieng smoked all day then when told to pass he's always like, " What, I just got it," or I haven't hit yet,"

    I hate Campers!!!!!

    DAMN THIS ISN'T A FUCKING K.O.A CAMPGROUND PASS THE FUCKING HERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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