Herb or herb?

Discussion in 'General' started by persondudeguy, Mar 6, 2004.


Herb or herb?

  1. Her-b

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  2. Err-b

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  1. How do say 'herb'?
  2. don't pronounce the H! When you do it's a derogitory term meaning something close to 'really big loser' besides the plant herbs.
  3. you'll look like an idiot if you say "her-b"...
  4. if ur in america, is 'erb' .the H isnt pronounced.

    that is the correct english

    in england...its Herb i believe.
  5. If you say the "h" it's just a shortening of the name Herbert...
  6. it doesn't really matter as long as people know what you mean.

    if people understood "beef muffins" as a beard then it would make sense to call a beard "beef muffins"


  7. For some reason, the mentioning of the name "Herbert" just made me laugh so hard, Sprite just exploded from my mouth and splayed all over my laptop.

    I hate having an odd sense of humor.
  8. ^

    I'm sure your laptop hates your sense of humor even more.
  9. you know whats a good name, Newton.

    You can stretch that shit way the fuck out, Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewton. and you still dont lose the name.
  10. everyone around here says Her-b.

    erb just sounds wierd to me...?

    Secret Erbs and Spices..?? doesnt work for me.

  11. Yeah, thats what I know her-b as. I say "erb."

  12. Weird, you say it like the nickname Herb?

    I can't imagine saying, "bro, can I get some her-b" He'd probably be like, "why, you already are one"

  13. i dont get it. Is your name Herb?
  14. if you say "Erb" in england people just look at yo like a beef muffin

  15. wtf? lol ahahahah
  16. i say both. erb is usually used but herb if i have to yell it out lol.. but i always say "an erb" and not "a herb"
  17. I dont even call it herb. I call it weed, or dope, or grass.

    That reminds me, anyone ever call it "tree"? Becacuse I was walkin by the mall a couple of days ago and some white dude all decked out in fubu gear asked me if I wanted to a buy a tree. I walked away after he showed me his counts.
  18. yeah, people around here call it tree frequently.

    I call it whatever i feel like calling it. Cheeba, ganja, tree, herb. half the people dont use half the terms, but im goofy like that and they all know what it means.
  19. errrrrrrrrrb for me

  20. lmao and yup. from around my part of the UK its definitely her-b. if you say 'erb' then peeps will say 'you mean her-b. learn to speak!' *hits them round the face with a fish*

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