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Herb Iron... disappointing?

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by N3Wstrain, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. I've been using my Herb Iron since it arrived the other day but so far I've encountered a few problems.

    -Iron gets too hot and burns the herb too much while brewing

    -Holding the Iron over the herb causes a lot of hot air to get into your toke, making it taste harsh and burn your throat

    -Overall no matter how I smoke with it I get this kind of light machine/metal/industrial taste

    Can anyone else relate? I thought owning one of these would be like using a Glow Rod, just faster.

    Over all though I think the biggest disappointment is the taste. It does make your toke taste clean/butane free but you DO get some kind of mechanical taste/linger into your smoke I find.
  2. I don't own one or have even used one but I feel like I remember hearing your supossed to let it get hot for a while to burn off all the chemicals but I'm not sure.

  3. Doesn't say anything like that in the instructions lol.
  4. What kind did you get, do you have pics of it?

    I have a Hakko and it works perfectly, I don't have any of the problems you listed.
  5. I bought one of those official Herb Irons. The ones with the touch button.
  6. Get new bud? You're finally actually tasting how it tastes with the herb iron probably. I've never had any problems with my herb iron like that
  7. yeah your supposed to let it burn to burn off the manufacturing oils
  8. Been using mine for at least 3 months straight everyday and I haven't encountered any problems.....
  9. I used to own one and never experienced this... I don't really get your gripes either, it lights the weed? your inhaling hot air and it's burning your throat? I doubt this is the herb iron...
  10. The Herb Iron is exactly what I have you fool... and yes everything I said is true. Why the hell would I make this thread? Because I invested $70 in a product that is not working out for me and I'd like to discuss it, since it got such great reviews.

    Nah man I have several strains right now and I've tried a few different ones. Also I have a glow wand so I'm use to the pure taste of the herb.

    So anyway I keep experimenting with it. Just blazed a session about an hour ago. I kept alternating back and forth between the Iron and my Beeline to compare taste and smoothness. The beeline tokes are not as harsh on my throat. My girlfriend was also taking part in this session and she agrees with everything I've said and has experienced similar results.

    The Herb Iron continues to produce tokes that burn the throat while inhaling and I believe it's because it's too hot and it's over-burning the weed to quickly. I'm not sure though and I'd like to ask more people here to try and help me out if possible. I really like the idea of this product, and although I have a glow wand the Herb Iron would be much better to use when people come over so it can be passed around and heats up nice and quick for a multiple person session.

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    If you have really leafy stuff, like i have been experiencing lately, you get a yellow, burnt tasting smoke, fucking gross, part of why i dont use my herb iron atm. Pissing me off because i haven't been able to use my stemline properly. I need some good chron to really test out my stemline, also the growers around here are gettiiing really really really lazy with there trim job. Also does anyone else get yellow smoke? hell i payed 100$ for mine, i'm not whinning. I also get yellow smoke with a lighter.
  12. You think the herb iron is over-burning your weed? WTF
    I've left it for more than 5 minutes heating and no burnt taste.
    Here is a video of me using my herb iron.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sysIDcDBiBY]YouTube - Sovereignty N8 Milk[/ame]
  13. I don't understand how u can be intelligent enough to own such a nice tube, yet lack the mental fortitude to upload a proper video that doesn't make you have to break your neck.

  14. Seriously? Get off me for trying to help someone else.
  15. if you get it cherried won't that solve everything?

  16. fyp ducy?
  17. The main problem is that a urinal bowl is need, ip's have a bit of trouble of lighting it, especially if you pack the bowl. I was reading around and i think some of m yellow smoke is due to me packing my bowls tight as a nuns cunt on sunday, but yeah i need some dank bud.
  18. Have you had any luck? I've read the entire thread again and I'm not sure what to say... I'd just hold the herb iron on for a good 5 to 10 minutes to make sure it's all clean but if it's all clean there isn't much more you can do.

    When I had my Herb Iron I don't recall experiencing anything like this, could it be the way your lighting it? It's not necessary to hold the herb iron directly in the bowl the entire time your lighting your hit. I would just touch the weed lightly, move it around a little bit until it lit up. Any more info would help with solving this problem, have you contacted the manufacturer?
  19. Okay after a few more days of using the Iron, the awful taste I had been mentioning is gone. I'm not sure what the hell happened.... maybe I just needed to *break it in*. Y'know how a new oven smells *new* and metally the first week or so that you use it?

    Either way I'm glad this thing is working properly for me now. Gonna go blaze some bowls! Thanks for the help to anyone who posted.
  20. I'm ordering one once the 420 sales start and can't wait to start using it over Hempwick :D Hyped up about it!

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