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Herb Cupcakes, advice needed please!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by BohemianNorth, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Hey guys/gals,

    I apologise for my first post on the forum being a question, but I need some help! I'm going to Amsterdam tomorrow, but I'm going on a coach, taking around 18 hours. Obviously there is no better way to make a bad thing good than ganja, so I'm hoping to make some edibles for the journey (I'll have 7 hours to eat these, as I don't want to take anything over the channel into France with me). I have about 2g of good UK Cheese, the 'easy bake' cupcake mix I have calls for 6 g of butter to be added to the mix, and yields 12 cupcakes (6 for me and 6 for my friend), my question is, what would the best way be to infuse the cannabis with the butter? If I put 2g into joints I'd get high, does the same rule apply for edibles as all of the recipes I've come across suggest putting and eighth in, or even more, for one I don't have an eighth at the moment, and as I have to eat all of the cupcakes within a short time period I don't want to put too much in, I'll have plenty of time to reach the stars in 'Dam.

    So basically, I'd really appreciate info. on methods and whether my 2g will be sufficient!

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Your 2g will not be sufficent especially if your spreading it out over the whole batter. You should maybe look towards a smaller portion sizing, like in supermarkets they have micorwabale brownie mix if you made butter and added it in you could easily just pop it in the micorwave and bam
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    like punk960 said your to short on green to make a whole batch but you could probably, using math and commonsense to figure out how to make like only four cupcakes with .5g's of herb each. Good luck mon. oh and btw A half a gram of dank cooked in a cupcake should give you a nice high for a few hours.
  4. this is what i did when i wanted a single/double serving:

    made cannaoil using the lowest amount of oil possible (decarb, right temps, right time etc)
    melted some pure chocolate, about 2-3x as much as i had oil
    added some cacao powder and a hint of sugar
    mixed them carefully
    let cool, put in freezer
    next day you have a piece of (quickie) cannachocolate. Just give your container a few smacks on the bottom and it should fall out in once piece. It tastes nice in my opinion, its softer and muchier than regular chocolate (unless you eat it when still nearly frozen). Ate it in france on a highspeed train, the only thing that gave away that it wasn't regular chocolate was the smell, but it wasn't a herb-smell, more like a burned kind of smell like with abv.

    2g's should be plenty.

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