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Herb butter recipe

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by joedelpen, May 2, 2011.

  1. •1Lb. unsalted butter (4 sticks)
    •1/2-1.25 oz. Finely ground Herb depending on the %wt. of THC
    •1-2 cups water (optional) recommended •culinary thermometer
    •big soup pot (lid is optional) •wooden spoon

    •The 3 parts of THC becoming an active molecule
    *Room temp-222F inactive THC molecule *222-325F decarboxylation (is the removal of carbon dioxide from a molecule, in this case THC. This is an important step in the biochemical reaction process to begin fat bonding between the butter and THC. THC is now becoming and active cannabinoid.)
    *325-355F THC bonds to fat
    *355-392F THC vaporizes (boils) avoid this at all costs! **these temps are for pure THC alone as a stand alone molecule. In butter the temps are fairly different as you will see through the recipe. But I insure you this is a 100% legit from experience recipe.

    •Grind herb (I like to use a blender with decent amounts of weight.
    •cut butter sticks in 1/4s
    •have a chosen storage container big enough to hold butter.
    •gas stove works best as far as heat control goes.

    1. Begin to melt butter without burning it on low heat. Once butter is fully melted mix in your finely ground herb and simmer between 220-250F for 5-10 mins for the decarboxylation process to take place. Then reduce heat and bring butter temp down to around 170-190F for roughly 2.5-4 hrs checking the temp often with a culinary thermometer rated for the temps needed, and stirring every 10mins.(don't boil at any time). If needed mix in occasional water to reduce boiling point of butter. i know up above states 325-355F but the temps of 170-190F is fine because of the length of time the butter will be cooking. This intensely boring 2.5-4 hrs will be were your THC will release itself from the cannabis and bond with the butter becoming an active molecule. As the cooking process is going on some butter will evaporate/burn off. So adding an extra stick of butter (113grams/1/4lb) after about an hour or so in pot won't be a problem.

    2. When butter becomes a deep, dark green 2.5-4 hrs from the time you started, your herb butter should be well infused with the THC and basically done. Make sure to remove the pot from the heat and let cool for a few minutes. Then strain through double layered cheesecloth and squeeze excess butter out in to plastic container. Then freezing till hardened and then your ready to use your herbal butter.

    Some helpful Tips
    **Keep herb butter frozen at all times between uses to reserve shelf life. 3-6 months.
    **by adding cinnamon to a small amount of herb butter set in another container before freezing can easily add a kick to certain selected recipes.
  2. I still can't get an answer about how much it smells during the simmer phase? I live in an apartment on my own so no parents or roommates but is the smell enough I need to worry about it drifting out to the hall during the long cooking process? (doors are not tight or sturdy here) If it was just a few minutes it wouldn't concern me at all but that is a while if it smells a lot. Is simmering some spicy sauce enough to cover it up? thanks:wave:

  3. It smells quite a bit, I typically use the crockpot and shut it in my room so the smell doesn't escape the place.
  4. I mean ya it smells a bit but not to horrible I do it in my homies kitchen and when people walk in they don't even realize what I'm soon till they come and see and get the odder from the kitchen. It really all depends on the bud how ventilated it is were ur doin it and light a few candle if you have to. And seriously it's not that bad. The brownies smell worse than the actual cooking of the butter and the brownies smell like herby chocolate. But don't so it unless ur cool cause the butter needs TLC
  5. thanks- I'll probably try it at sometime but wanted to know what to expect and be prepared. The firecrackers didn't smell bad at all - just like baking cookies...except this second time when I also did the decarb that smelled at the end and when I opened the oven but didn't last long enough to worry about.
  6. U know while u got the butter on the stove through some brownies in the over just some regular ones to kill the smell, grub on a few and chill trust me the butter isn't that bad

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