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  1. i recently got back into hendrix, mainly through the histroy class im taking on him and his music. im so into it right now, i cant listen to anything really, or at least i dont want to, i guess its just because ive gotten back into guitar and practicing a lot, it made me appreciate the music even more.

    im sure its a given that most people here are fans, but man, what a brilliant musician. i listening to a lot of the live blues recordings and they are so awesome.
  2. I agree man. I have a couple of old Hendrix records on vinyl. Good stuff!
  3. Hendrix was a badass mother. Straight up.
  4. i read that jimi even though he never really had made the big bucks like you would think,would give away a lot of gifts to his friends...guitars...amps... cool effects...they say he was very generous...thats something you dont find in many history books...they say sometimes the band would have to get his guitar out of pawn so they could play gigs... in big venues while he was in the peak of fame...bizzare
  5. Hendrix is god
  6. Hendrix is indeed the best guitarist the world has ever seen. Probably the main reason I decided to pick up a guitar 8 years ago. His musical ability is incredible, and he makes it look so effortless like he's just fucking around off the top of his head, which he usually is. It's like he was born to play the guitar... no other guitarist has come close to achieving what he managed to do with his tragically short life.
  7. He's the one who got me into real music. I seriously owe it all to him. I would not be doing what I did now without having started listening to him almost 8 years ago (become music junkie, metal head, guitarist). Still absolutely one of my favorite musicians of all time.
  8. man today in class we watched the video of the JHE live at the monterey pop festival. the teacher just lectured for 10 minutes dimmed the lights and then told us all to enjoy. he cranked it up and it was so amazing. i was so high from smoking before i walked to class, everything he played was just 100x better on the big ass projector. it was really awesome to see the concert projected at life size, it felt at times as if i was actually there.

    when he lit his guitar on fire at the end of wild thing, there was a shot of a girl in the audience just gasping, mouth open, watching jimi smash and burn his guitar. such an epic moment, especially since it was their first ever concert in the US. they literally tore the house down, the entire band was in such great form.

    for anyone that has seen it, youll know what i mean when i say that due to their performance of like a rolling stone, it is easy to see how jimi was able to play rythem and lead at the same time, while giving an amazing vocal performance.

    idk about you guys, but my favorite song by hendrix has gotta be "see my train a comin' "

    even though its really just an old blues pattern (lyricly and musically) modernized, its such an awesome jam. that and machine gun are brilliant. oh, and fire, the drums are absolutely awesome. that first 16 bars are epic...

    neeeew neeew, dag dag dag dag, neew neew new new, dag DAG dagadagadagadaga
  9. no doubt jimi was brilliant. machine gun is epic.
  10. jimi was a master of improvisation....there is a telepathic comunication between musicians that jimi and his bands seemed to speak fluently...
  11. Both of my parents were at the Monterey Pop Festival and saw Hendrix and Joplin among others. I was watching this documentary and there was somebody who said that Owsley Stanley(I think) that made a special batch of LSD called Monterey Purple, and supposedly Hendrix took two hits before his famous "Wild Thing" performance.
  12. He's one of my heroes and an absolute legend.
  13. he did eat acide before the show i beleive. i read that too.
  14. Dude we have a Hendrix course as well, I HAVE to take that shit next semester, hows it so far?
  15. I remember watching a documentary, I think it was about the Monterey Pop Festival or maybe it was a doc. on LSD or the 60's, that described Jimi taking two hits of Monterey Purple before performing. Anybody remember the name of that flick?
  16. Ehh...There are guitarists nowadays that would demolish hendrix as far as pure skill for the instrument goes. Though he is clearly one of the best rock guitarists the world has ever seen, he certainly is not THE best. And to say he is the best guitarist in the world, its just something that you can't say given all of the different music genres that tie into different guitar playing styles. One who is better at rock guitar is better at rock rather than say classical or jazz. He is a bit overrated it seems to me.

    Here are some examples as to what I'm talking about.


  17. I can't disagree. What he lacks in technical skill, he more than makes up for with heart though. RIP and thanks for everything jimmy
  18. for someone to be a good musician, their music does not have to be musically complicated. there are many composers in many genres who write musically complex pieces, but as with artists like yngwie malmstein and a lot of the other guitar "virtuosos" their music is extremely complicated and often musically abstract, but you cant compare that type of technical skill to the skill that jimi hendrix had. while he mastered the playing of his instrument, and probably would have continued to get better and better if he had lived, he also was extremely knowledgable about things that people had never tried before. he knew how to use feedback as a tool, not try and fix it like a problem. he knew how to stand in front of his amps and with the sligthest move of his guitar he was able to create sounds nobody had ever heard before.

  19. out of this world. i knew it would be. if you have the chance, take the class, its rare that these type of classes actually pop up
  20. I once wished that classes in Hendixology would be available, do you mean that there is such a class? IGOT MY WISH!!!!!!! Purple Haze for everyone (passes metaphysical joint to the left)!!!!

    I agree that Jimi was great, not only as a guitarist, but he wrote most all of his own material, a complete original thinker and arrainger, that is his true genius. That and his ability to make us love noise as music, he expanded the language of guitar into electronics better than anyone. Jimi is more popular now than at the time of his death, and his most beloved fans now weren't even alive when he died. Jimi has to be smiling over that!

    That guitar he burned at the Monterrey pop fest, was given by him to Frank Zappa, who later gave it to Adrian Belew, who still plays it as far as I know...So Jimi is still coming through strong.

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