Hempy Bucket Not Working Out For Me.

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  1. Hello, everyone.

    I have a bubblicoius in a mix of 3 parts per lite and 1 part vermiculite. (2-3 gal) hole 2 inches from the bottom, I'm pretty sure if your on GC you've heard of' em.
    I am not liking hempy buckets as much as I though I would and wish to go back to soil and step up on the organics. The plants is just so small, I want to transplant to a pot with 2 parts sphagnum peat moss and 1 part compost. 

    Is this possible for me to achieve?  I've herad of people having a plant in soil and transplanting to hempy, so is it okay to do it the other way around?

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    [​IMG]    here she is a couple days ago. about 6 weeks old (didn't really keep track)

    Decided to take a clone and plant it in soil this time one it rooted. Clone-----> [​IMG]
    And here's her now [​IMG]

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  3. Sure you can go the other way, I'd flush with air temp water first allow to settle ,,,5-10 minutes(toke toke) and quickly re locate to your prepared pot, water in, leave in dim light for 24 hours, if ultra cautions re pot each plant 24 hours apart.
    Note: Like all Bubblesumthing plants keep up the (N) through out the grow, including bud, but this can throw many growers
    How is the Lavender flavor ?????
    Resin Seeds Bubblicious  
    Resin Seeds Bubblicious strand was created from the Original Bubblegum Female and crossed with an F1 Lavender male. The results it's cannabis seeds produce is a wonderfully sweet smelling deliciously tasty experience! Our experts here have suggested that with this carefully selected phenotype of bubblicious you get the classic bubblegum yield, structure and smell with the taste high of Lavender. Bubblicious takes 60 days to flower and has a THC of 16%-20%. Bubblicious produces a yield of 500gm2.  
  4. should I take as much perlite off the root ball or should i just transplant everything?

    Haven't yielded anything from this particular stain. as this is my second plant. first was a plush berry grown in peat moss and mirical grow for nutes. vegged for a month and got about 9 grams of some nice weed. Ill be doing a journal soon one I get all lights and ventalation set up.  never again will I use MG products (sure you can get a nice yield but theirs better nutes out there)

    I hope to have at least two plants in veg and flower at all time, so I'll give you a link to a journal I'll be doing when everything is up and running and soon enough a smoke report of the bubblelicoius
  5. well I found out It had root rot seconds after i started to transplant, once i took the root ball out it was slimy and smelt horrid. Like a old dirty fish tank. rinsed the roots as best i could and re potted into the peat compost mix. hopefully she recovers and i get through flowering with her. I can't believe how bad it smell and why I didn't smell it from the run off water.

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