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  1. do you guys suggest i get some hempwick?
    and if i do should i get the full flame or fine flame??
  2. I'd make the investment, it's a lot nicer not having to deal with the butane of constant lighter use, and it makes your bud taste a lot better.

    As for the flame, it's really just preference.

    I'd also get a candle, so you don't have to keep flicking a lighter to light it.
  3. Buy some beeline, thank me later :)
    But in reality the taste is better, it's easier, and it's healthier than butane.
  4. i like the fine flame but the full flame does last a little bit longer

  5. is it a big difference?
  6. Yes. get the lighter jacket and just rewire that. I light literally everything I smoke with it(pipe, j's, cigars, etc). I almost feel lost without it haha. 100% worth it
  7. It makes the whole bowl taste a lot better than when you use a lighter. You don't have that little added nasty butane, I would try it out worth it.
  8. I keep Beeline stocked..it's pretty cool shit, and you get a cool sticker.

  9. whats a lighter jacket???
  10. not really
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    The difference isn't huge, but if you smoke using nothing but hempwick for like a week and then use a lighter you will notice that it doesnt taste as good. Thats what happened to me anyways

    I like using it, IMO it makes rips taste sweeter (maybe from the beeswax?) and really clean. Others may disagree with the sweetness or whatever, but it definitely tastes a bit better.
  12. If your interested in taste/purity use a magnifying glass and the sun. Best tasting hit you'll ever have.

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