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Hempress...::::doing the dance::::

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. She's gonna hit 1200 any minute now...everyone start dancing!!!!
  2. ::::dancing naked in the open air::::

    This dance is for you Hempress!!!
  3. WHOOPIE!!!!

    :::does the 1200 post dance for myself, while smoking a jay with one hand:::

    I think I like that dance better than the nude ones, and least my cats don't stare at me funny then :D
  4. ::wonders why he didn't get a 1,200 post dance::


    ::does 1,200 post dance for hempress all neked and such::
  5. You'll be lucky if you ever get another dance as long as you live....feathers and yucky old bong water....UGH!!!

    ::::still dancing though::::
  6. ::grabs hose and sprays down rmjl outta pity::

    lol... ::still dancing as well::
  7. Cold hose water...that's nice. You hate me, don't you?
  8. it's warm hose water... screwed onto the kitchen sink :D

    *muah* ya know i love ya rmjl! :D
  9. Hmmm...ok! I love ya, too, Cottons!!!

    (You're still in trouble, though!) ;)
  10. lol, i'm just waiting to see how you're gonna top the bong and feathers :D
  11. ^^^^put ice down his shorts!

    then while he's all distracted put peanut butter and jelly in his hair!!!
  12. nay thats evil!!
    the kids down south cant stand the extreme cold, they'll shrivel up and die you dont want that!
  13. im still nakedly dancing, so this ones for you hempress!!!!

    ::dance dance dance, dance dance dance, dance dance dance all night long!!!!!!!::
  14. I suppose I shall allow my flacid penis to waft in the gentle breeze in honor of the 1200 mark. Uh-oh....the breeze is turning me on...EIGHT INCHES?!

  15. Holy crap! that was hilarious :D
  16. dancing for Hempress. You are a riot!

  17. LOL. my luck it'll be at budstock... i'll be all stoned and forget to look out for her... next think i know *WHAM* ice in the trousers and PB&J in the hair... lol. that's ok, i have my own little surprise for B.S.
  18. ::joins in late but flails limb mercilessly anyway and brutally hits myslef on my head::


    all this nudity makes this feel like a nudist colony rather than grass related forums :)
  19. lol... a nudist colony... they have one of those on the turn pike by where i live. we rode by it one day, but there's a huge wall.. it's funny stuff :D
  20. We are a nudiest colony of green heads,, LOL

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