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  1. everytime i get hemp wick i end up fucking losing it, can you guys tell me some good places to kerp your hemp wick so you dont lose it
  2. In you STASH BOX? Around your BIC? 
  3. i tend to wrap the wick around my lighter....
  4. gotta b careful with a roll of that it.....almost burned the whole house down, lucky one time it was on a marble countertop
  5. lighter is the most common place people keep it but then you get the oils from your skin all over it i got a little glass container from my lhs and it holds the wick perfectly keep it safe and stiff
  6. Buy a dispenser from Humboldt
  7. I have mine wrapped around a bunch of my lighters.  I recommend it.
  8. OH NO, Don't do that! Then OP will make a new thread, "Every time I put put hemp wick into my dispenser, I f*#$*@% lose it!" ;)
  9. Wrap a little around your piece. You're a lot more likely to lose your lighter than your piece
  10. I just buy the wool of hemp wicks from amazon for 15 bucks. Still have hella left after a few months of heavy use, and it's nice to have it just sit on the table.

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  11. I wrap mine around my bong! Very handy!
  12. Picked this up for $5, really comes in handy.
  13. I wrap a bunch of it around my lighter which usually lasts a couple weeks. I keep the roll of hemp wick in my cupboard beside my jar of weed.
  14. oooh, that looks nice, can you buy them online anywhere? what are they called?
  15. I don't bother with hemp wicks. I am old school phosphorus matches or a butane lighter. One time I used my friends glasses on a sunny day. It worked!
    They're from a company called hemp lights, here's a link; http://hemplights.com/

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