hemp russet mites under microscope

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  1. I posted a question on my neighbors plants last month and it was suggested he has russet mites so looked under a microscope and sure enough it was them. ...tiny carrot shaped with no back legs So decided to post vids of them in this post here for identification. msg me if the link is broken and I'll repost. haven't editted them to edit out moving bud around to view it and needing to refocus. btw if you have weird buds and suspect pests I'd be glad take a look if you care to send me a small thumbnail size piece. Would be nice to have a library of vids for id purposes

    mold on buds

  2. posting them on GC may well get the answer you seek
  3. that last video at the 1.50min mark looks like mold.
  4. I saw that...its labeled mold of buds... top left. thx for confirmation
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