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Hemp Oil for Stage 4 Liver Cancer (need info and assistance)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by PA76, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Hello all. My dad has been battling liver and colon cancer for the last four years. He was able to get rid of the colon cancer but can't shake the liver cancer. He's tried a few different chemotherapy treatment routes but they haven't seemed to help and have been making him sick. I would like to find out more about hemp oil as I have been reading it has cured cancer for some. We live in PA about three hours away from Philadelphia. I guess my questions would be:

    --Would hemp oil help somebody with Stage 4 Liver Cancer?
    --Are there different types of hemp oils and do you need to see a doctor who is acquainted with this subject to see which one works best for his condition?
    --Are there folks in the cancer circles who could assist my dad in obtaining hemp oil?
    --Would smoking cannabis give close to the same effect or does he need to be on the hemp oil?
    --What else would he need to know being a first time user of hemp oil?
    --Is hemp oil still illegal? I wasn't sure if there wasn't enough THC in it but I'm not sure.

    Feel free to PM me or post here. This is our last resort and it took a lot to talk my dad into giving it a shot. Nothing else has worked and he's ready to give this a try. Thanks all!
  2. 1) Most likely, quite a few documented cases of curing all kinds of cancer, most recently Tommy Chong cured his prostate cancer using Phoenix Tears
    2) Phoenix tears is the most common, no doctor required (Phoenix Tears)
    3) Maybe, I would just make it myself though. There are directions on the website above, or I made a tutorial of basically the same thing if you want to check it out
    4) Needs to be the oil, smoking wont help liver cancer
    5) Start with a small dose and work your way up to a bigger dose until 60grams is taken within 90days.
    6) Very illegal, it is pure concentrated thc/other cannabinoids (which the govt has a patent on, but thats a different conversation)

    If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask. There are a ton of educated people on things like this on this site
  3. PA76,
    I am sorry to hear about the trouble your dad has encountered. I think PaulKemp420 did a great job on the questions, but I want to clarify something. Rick Simpson, the man who reintroduced concentrated cannabinoid oil as a medicine to the modern world calls his cannabinoid extract "Hemp Oil". This same term in common American usage refers to the pressed oil from hemp seeds. While pressed hemp oil is a great and nutritious oil with balanced Omega 3 and Omega 6 content, it does not contain appreciable levels of THC, CBD, or any other cannabinoid. It is these cannabinoids which when taken orally at therapeutic dosages can cut off the blood supply to masses of cancer cells, as well as activate the cell pathways in these cancer cells which allow them to self terminate.

    There is some research on cannabinoids and their specific impact on Liver cancer. Check out the following links (perhaps Granny has more):
    Anti-tumoral action of cannabinoids on hepatocellular carcinoma: role of AMPK-dependent activation of autophagy.
    Recent advances in the understanding of the role of the endocannabinoid system in liver diseases.
    Anandamide exerts its antiproliferative actions on cholangiocarcinoma by activation of the GPR55 receptor. (Delta9-THC is also a GPR55 agonist)

    All of the links above had a free full text link available in the upper right corner with the label "free author manuscript" in green and yellow.

    I hope that this information is useful to you and your dad. I wish you all the best with whatever treatments you decide upon.

    Herbal Relief
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    I'm busy sending out my new 840 page List! (You can only send out so many emails before you need a break. This is my break!) But here's what I have on liver cancer.

    Overexpression of cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 correlates with improved prognosis of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma. (abst – 2006) Overexpression of cannabinoid recepto... [Cancer Genet Cytogenet. 2006] - PubMed - NCBI

    Emerging role of cannabinoids in gastrointestinal and liver diseases: basic and clinical aspects (abst – 2008)

    Apoptosis induced in HepG2 cells by the synthetic cannabinoid WIN: involvement of the transcription factor PPARgamma. (abst – 2009) Apoptosis induced in HepG2 cells by the synthetic ... [Biochimie. 2009] - PubMed - NCBI

    The synthetic cannabinoid WIN 55,212-2 sensitizes hepatocellular carcinoma cells to tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL)-induced apoptosis by activating p8/CCAAT/enhancer binding protein homologous protein (CHOP)/death receptor 5 (DR5) axis. (full – 2010) The Synthetic Cannabinoid WIN 55,212-2 Sensitizes Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells to Tumor Necrosis Factor-Related Apoptosis-Inducing Ligand (TRAIL)-Induced Apoptosis by Activating p8/CCAAT/Enhancer Binding Protein Homologous Protein (CHOP)/Death Rece

    The effect of the activation of cannabinoid receptor on the proliferation and apoptosis of hepatoma HepG2 cells (abst – 2010) [The effect of the activ... [Xi Bao Yu Fen Zi Mian Yi Xue Za Zhi. 2010] - PubMed - NCBI

    Membrane cholesterol mediates the endocannabinoids-anandamide affection on HepG2 cells (abst – 2010) [Membrane cholesterol mediates... [Zhonghua Gan Zang Bing Za Zhi. 2010] - PubMed - NCBI

    Anti-tumoral action of cannabinoids on hepatocellular carcinoma: role of AMPK-dependent activation of autophagy. (abst – 2011) Anti-tumoral action of cannabinoids on hep... [Cell Death Differ. 2011] - PubMed - NCBI

    Cannabinoid receptor activation correlates with the pro-apoptotic action of the β2-adrenergic agonist, (R,R')-4-methoxy-1-naphthylfenoterol, in HepG2 hepatocarcinoma cells. (full – 2012) Cannabinoid receptor activation correlates with the pro-apoptotic action of the

    Is Dad taking his Omega 3? You can't make working CB1 receptors without Omega 3!

    Cannabinoid Receptor Function is Altered by Nutrionally Deficient Diet (news – 2012)
    [FONT=&quot]Cannabinoid Receptor Function is Altered by Nutrionally Deficient Diet - Philadelphia medical marijuana |[/FONT]

    Colon cancers are preceded by a drop in the number of working CB1 receptors. I haven't seen a study yet to see if this is true with liver cancers, but it wouldn't surprise me!

    Cannabinoid receptor activation induces apoptosis through tumor necrosis factor alpha-mediated ceramide de novo synthesis in colon cancer cells. (full – 2008) Cannabinoid Receptor Activation Induces Apoptosis through Tumor Necrosis Factor

    Emerging role of cannabinoids in gastrointestinal and liver diseases: basic and clinical aspects (abst – 2008)

    Turned-Off Cannabinoid Receptor Turns On Colorectal Tumor Growth (news - 2008)
    Turned-off Cannabinoid Receptor Turns On Colorectal Tumor Growth

    Marijuana takes on colon cancer (news - 2008)
    Marijuana takes on colon cancer - health - 01 August 2008 - New Scientist

    Cannabis-Linked Cell Receptor Might Help Prevent Colon Cancer (news - 2008)
    HealthScout-Consumer Health News, Information and Resources Updated Daily-Cancer-Cannabis-Linked Cell Receptor Might Help Prevent Colon Cancer

    (news – 2008) JAMA Network | JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association | Cannabislike Drugs May Hold Key to Treating Pain While Bypassing the Brain

    Cannabinoid cell surface receptor plays a tumor-suppressing role in human colorectal cancer (news – 2008) Cannabinoid cell surface receptor plays a tumor-suppressing role in human colorectal cancer

    Evaluation of the Cyclooxygenase Inhibiting Effects of Six Major Cannabinoids Isolated from Cannabis sativa (full – 2011)

    Phytocannabinoids for use in the treatment of cancer - Patent GB2478595 (A) ― 2011-09-14 (full – 2011) Espacenet - Bibliographic data

    Interaction of endocannabinoid system and steroid hormones in the control of colon cancer cell growth. (abst - 2011) Interaction of endocannabinoid system and ste... [J Cell Physiol. 2012] - PubMed - NCBI

    Anandamide inhibits the growth of colorectal cancer cells through CB1 and lipid rafts
    (abst – 2011) [Anandamide inhibits the growth of... [Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi. 2011] - PubMed - NCBI

    Induction of apoptosis by cannabinoids in prostate and colon cancer cells is phosphatase dependent. (abst – 2011) Induction of apoptosis by cannabinoids in pro... [Anticancer Res. 2011] - PubMed - NCBI

    Chemopreventive effect of the non-psychotropic phytocannabinoid cannabidiol on experimental colon cancer. (abst – 2012) Chemopreventive effect of the non-psychotro... [J Mol Med (Berl). 2012] - PubMed - NCBI

    Anti-tumor Activity of the Novel Hexahydrocannabinol Analog LYR-8 in Human Colorectal Tumor Xenograft Is Mediated through the Inhibition of Akt and Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1α Activation. (abst – 2012) Anti-tumor activity of the novel hexahydroca... [Biol Pharm Bull. 2012] - PubMed - NCBI

    How Weed Can Protect Us From Cancer and Alzheimer's (book excerpt – 2012)
    How Weed Can Protect Us From Cancer and Alzheimer's | Alternet

    Hope that helps!

    Granny :wave:
  5. LISTEN ... try juicing the plant ... tastes like wheatgrass , really bad , but my internal pain has decreased since I started to juice the plant!

    I REALLY WORKED ... suggest you go for it !

    good luck !
  6. My husband has 4 stage liver cancer, diagnosed in March 12. He is doing quiet well with 1 gram of phoenix tears a day. we also juice fresh leaves and buds and he is without pain, good energy, appetite and looks and feels healthy. We also do supplements and Vit. C therapy. He has had 4 month of good living and we know it works.
  7. Hi all i live in south wales england in the uk my mother in law has lung cancer 1 nodule on each side and me and my family has now found out my father in law has liver cancer that they cant operate on so i think time maybe against him and the same for the mother in law. I have been on the rik simpson sites and watched the video run from the cure. Is there any chance i could get the hemp oil anywhere in the uk or sent to us it may be their only chance. the mother in law is having chemo at this moment in time and the father in law is still waiting to hear when he starts his. i am hoping it will all work out but things dont look that good for both of them they could both be on their final journey so if the hemp oil can help them i need to get hold of it cause as they say when your in a position like me and my family are you will give anything a try. Thank you for your time i really hope someone can help us out by giving me a link,phone number,or address and ammount needed for them or even get hold of some for me as you can see its desperate times thx.
  8. There was an amazing thread by a member called DrHell2Pay and I can't find it. He used the Rick Simpson Oil to help treat his partner's end stage pancreatic cancer. From what I remembered he did a similar method to the youtube videos of RSO except he also added the soy lecithin (ala badkittysmiles).

  9. I heard that in the UK you are allowed to grow marijuana if you have a medical condition that qualifies. If you can grow you can make the Rick Simpson Oil within 3 months. In the meantime I know that pressed hemp seed oil has CBDs and that might be beneficial.
  10. Hi, did you find a source in the UK. I desperately need it to. Please let me know.
  11. please let me know a reputable place to get this oil. my mother is stage 4 liver and bone. We really need some help finding a reptutable supplier. thanks.
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    Hope, get Mom on Omega 3 ASAP! Like 3 or 4 grams a day! (I take 2 grams a day, and I'm healthy.) Krill oil is absorbed better than fish oil or flax seed oil. In a nutshell- You need the omega 3 to properly make the CB receptors that fight the cancer with cannabis! And the average diet is way low in omega 3!

    [FONT=&quot]O-6 vs. O-3 ratio[/FONT]

    Good Oils and Fatty Substances Good Oil Information

    Shona Banda did a Youtube called "Live Free or Die" that shows how to make tiny batches of the oil without solvents. She has a great story, too.

    And read this! :D

    Granny :wave:
  13. Thanks for your response Stone Crow. Forigve my late reply, I'm still in a panicking stage where the situation continually whirls around in my head and could nt work out how to reply to a post yesterday !

    I will certainly purchase the Omega 3 tomorrow.

    With regards to making it yourself, its near impossible to find quality weed in the UK. I've walked around, asked around and managed to by some from several people. I then went to a friend of mine that sokes and he has said all the stuffi bought is of very poor quality (dry thai, indoor homemade chemical smelling green stuff and some hashish full of plastic layers). The stuff my friend smokes was also not suitable.

    I'm willing to pay over the market price if anyone can help. I seem to think the best possible scenario would be to fly to the USA, buy some from a medical dispensary and take it backin my suitcase. It seems to me this is the only way to ensure i'll be getting good quality stuff. Alternatively, if i can find a honest person online i could request they take a risk and post it to me (I will pay double what they paid).

    I dont know, i really dont know.

    Any advice/comments, suggestions would be appreciated.
  14. Not sure how well taking bud back to the UK will work out for you. lol. It seems Amsterdam would be closer to you than the US, correct?

    Another option, if you are serious about this; is once you go to the US or wherever to get the bud, make the hemp oil while you are in that location. Then bring it back with you to the UK. You could store the oil in a cough medicine bottle or something and airport scanners shouldn't know the difference. Not too sure about that though. They will definitely know what a large amount of weed looks like though (which is what you'll need to make this kind of oil) lol

  15. Hi, thx for the medicine bottle idea. I wasn't considering bringing the actual bud ! that would be to risky. Do you happen to know of a reputable place where i can buy ready made high quality oil? As soon as i can find anywhere i wil go over and buy it. Its so difficult.
    I did manage to contact a guy in the Nertherlands but he could guarantee the quaility would be as good as the US oil (most in grown in doors, with chemicals and he makes a continious batch using the residue from the previous batch). the lack of quaility control got be worried.
    appreciate any advice.

  16. Dispensaries will have the best quality control as far as what products they have (including good oil/concentrate), but I believe the oil you are trying to make (Rick Simpson oil) is different than from the oil for smoking. Thats why I'm guessing you'd have to make it yourself from bud. But then you need to get the bud as well. This will be easier to do where there are dispensaries since you can try to ask a patient to buy something for you, compared to like the east coast where you'd have to find a dealer.

    Im not any expert with this stuff though and I'm sure Granny would be more informative, but just tryin to help. lol
  17. I see, sojust just so i can be absolutly clear, am i right in saying that you cannot buy Rick Simpsons oil from dispeneries. I'm pretty sure thats what your saying. I must admit I'm concerned about messing it up if i try to make it myself. Renting a place, buyin gthe equipment , trial and error. I'm not sure if thats a realistic option of ensuring the right product. But if i must go down that route, would Oregan be the best place to go is is there a closer place on the east coast ? (closer to the UK!)

    Also, please let me know who 'Granny' is ! Thanks so much for your time.
  18. "Granny" is Storm Crow- a few of the kids here started calling me their "Ganja Granny" and so I "adopted" all of GC as my "grandkids"! lol

    Colorado would be a fair bet since they just legalized recreational use and you can walk around with an ounce in your pocket with no hassle.

    The east coast MMJ states are still overly restrictive, but California is pretty free and easy. You just need proof of residency/picture ID, cash and any ailment to get a rec in Cali. Each dispensary you visit will happily sell you an ounce. And there are many dispensaries! Also, California dispensaries often sell concentrates already made- which would be a big plus for you!

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    Hello, could somebody please give me some advise or help regarding my father, he was diagnosed in December 2012 with liver cancer and about 80% of his liver has been damaged by the cancer, he also had a tumor in his bowel the size of a tennis ball if not bigger, he also had some tumors in his chest it was about 3 spots. A friend of mine informed be about Rick Simpsons hemp oil, i learned so much about Rick and the oil and also a lot about Dennis Hill and the wonderful cures with many great testimonials, so in march i began making the oil and started giving it to my father, he was not responding well with it at all, his symptoms didn't seem to show any improvement so after two weeks he really was not able to continue and so he stopped for 2 weeks.

    After reading further and gaining more confidence i began treating my father in the exact same doses as Rick Simpson explains, he started with a 1/2 grain of rice sizes for 4 days the upped the dose to 1 1/2 grain size for another 4 days then 2 grain sizes for another four days then 2/1/2, then 3, then 3 1/2, then 4 grain sizes then by the 5th week he was up to 1 gram a day for the whole week, i did this in 3 doses per day at .33 in the morning at 9 am, and .33 in the afternoon approx 3 pm and .33 at 9 pm, after 7 days of 1 gram his condition seemed to worsen and was never hungry for the whole entire treatment of 5 weeks, he also got dizzy and extremely weak to the point where my family began to get scared in case i was doing something wrong, he had his blood test last Thursday and this morning we received the blood test results and the disappointing news came in that his condition regarding his liver is beyond medical help, the doctor said there's nothing the medical system can do to help him, he also now has an infection in his chest and they want him on antibiotics, i really don't know what to do from here and would be very appreciative if somebody could help me and give me some advice, the doctor here in Sydney knows about the hemp oil and is against chemo but simultaneously has told my family that hemp oil does not work on everyone, i really find that hard to swallow because of the many positive testimonials, i want to get him back on the oil ASAP but im just afraid that since he started with the oil he seems to have gotten a lot worse than what he was in the first place.

    1. dizziness
    2. absolutely no appetite
    3. extremely weak and now uses a walking trolley to go to the bathroom.
    4. when ingesting the oil his urine goes dark is this normal?

    Prior to the oil he had none of the above symptoms and used to walk around the block every single morning for 2 months with a great appetite.

    desperately awaiting for some response and feel i'm in limbo.

    Many thanks and kindest regards

    feel free message me or to email me on
  20. John, my husband is going through the EXACT SAME THING but with Stage 4 colon cancer, mets to liver, lungs, adrenal glands, peritoneal cavity, etc... I've been asking everybody I can think of, and am getting no response. He's been on the oil since Feb. 14, '13. For a while, he was puking & coughing out dead tumour tissue, but nothing in the past 2 weeks. He's so weak now that I don't think there's any hope at all. In the past week, he's eaten 9 cherries, which is more than he's taken in the previous 2 weeks.  He is taking Omega-3 with the oil.
    I'm VERY interested in any replies to this thread.
    Respect, Herbal Girl

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