Hemp and Prop 19

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    I hope when Prop 19 passes it will bring better awareness to the uses of Hemp. Mainly Paper, Oil and plastic. Going Green seems to be the in thing right now. Even if prop 19 passes you will need to grow a lot of Hemp and that still being illegal the Federal Government wont allow it. It is a big step in the right direction though and I think that Hemp becoming legal is just as equally fuckin awesome as MJ becoming legal. Thoughts?

    I think all of this needs more attention right now to persuade voters onto our side!
  2. Hemp becoming legal would be amazing. People starting to use it would be even more amazing.

    Thing is, all the loggers loser their jobs. I think once people realize what hemp actually is they will embrace it with open arms. I always tell my dad that whatever he may think of legalizing marijuana as a drug, he cannot deny that industrial hemp needs to be legal. Our society will severely be revamped.
  3. When hemp is legalized there will have to be a completly new infrastructure to deal with it, come on loggers get with it and change your old outdated ways. You can profit from hemp just like you did with the lungs of mother earth...
  4. That's the thing, we will see a lot of structural unemployment. Cotton farms, loggers, and many other things. I would much rather see us plant hemp rather than kill, as walowan put it, "the lungs of the earth".
  5. structural unemployment isnt that terrible. hemp would open up a mass of new jobs and these changes would happen gradually.

    but this point frustrates me. i dont understand why no one talks about the benefits of hemp because it is so resourceful and something that can sway opinion and the public vote
  6. Because the public is still woefully uninformed about the benefits of hemp.

    Most don't even know what hemp is. If marijuana didn't come from hemp, they'd be clamoring for it. But that's how it got banned in the first place.

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