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  1. i have 8 seedlings which i have roughly been bringing up for 12 days, i soaked my seeds in water for around 20 hours then i placed in soaked rockwool for 3 days in darkness in a propagator, after this i then made a mistake and kept my dome on my propagator which by the way is a heated one, on day five i made a box for my seedlings with 3 11w phillips cfl lights to get them started and i also put my rockwool cubes into small points with a small amount of soil, i plan on keeping them in this box for around another seven days, on day 12 i am now on my second set of leaves not including the first two out of the seedlings.. after seven days i plan to move these to my final size 25L pots under 2 400w dual spectrum HPS lights, i have also bought all dutch pro products other than keep it clean and multi total, from what i have said here and what i plan to do can someone with more experience tell me weather i have done this well or not, and weather my plans for the future are correct? thanks for any help offered, i am a newbie this is my first grow after alot of smoking and researching.. also if it helps to know i am not using a tent i have sectioned a portion of my room off and made big foil boards to keep it in check..
  2. You have anything to control the heat in the room? 800 watts of light is going to heat up a room.

  3. i have 2 fans for when my hps comes into use, dose all sound well other than that?
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  4. Keep it clean should be kept for hydro setups you have that right but your going to want the multi total. Do you know what multi total is for? I'll tell you before you tell me. It is a important role to your plants and soil. Put a pic up of your setup to allow us to help you further.

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  5. Hi get root stim. Keep yr roots healthy and strong love. Wi out gud roots ya plant is goung to av probs. Remember to ph . Very important to ph. Also dont over fertiluze no matter how tempting as this cud kill ya plant in long run . Watch yr plants and learn its personality. Sounds strange lol but yr plant will tell u if its in trouble etc. Gud luc love. U seem to be on it so far xxx
  6. Forgot to ask.... av ya got feminized seeds? If not be very carefull and learn how to sex em. Ya dont want a male ... especially a male that pollinates any females!!!!! If feminized still keep a check though as nothing is 100% garrenteed lol. Wat strain? Are seeds off a seed bank??? Put up some pics love as me or many others wi more experience can help u .. brill so far though . Xxxx☺☺☺
  7. thank

    thanks for everyones help and opinions, my seeds are feminized and i have just germinated a further 4 from the barneys farm seed bank :) il post pics of my small box i made the the seedlings soon and il also post my full set up once its all done, one again everyones help and opinions are much appreciated :)
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