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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sk8addict, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. well my mom just found out i smoke (I'm 18 living at home) and she took my pipe, grinder, homemade bong and some other paraphernalia. i didn't get shit this time just a speech, but she said if she catches me again, I'm in deep shit. what do i do. i love smoking but i want to respect her wishes. helpp
  2. make another homemade bong that you can take apart like a soda bottle gravity bong.
    smoke way less at your house. my mom says just dont bring ANY NARCOTICS on the property, i break the rules a litle but not like smoking in the living room. keep tokin :D
  3. well i have another bong thats sic that she doesnt know about still have papers and lighter etc. but me and my friends usually smoke at my house cause i have a two story garage separate from my house where i have like couches and shit up on the second floor. well now we need a new place to toke then. fuck:smoking:
  4. Dude, fuck it, your 18. I'm 19 and my moms a fuckin substance abuse counselor lol. I'm living at home for another couple months, then i'm on my own. If she ever caught me, it would suck dick, soooo I just DONT get caught. I'm extremely careful and NEVER let my guard down. The only way I could get caught is if i got drug tested, and that wont happen. Moral of the story....just be extremely careful man, don't ever be high around her, dont smoke at home (unless you have multiple hours to let the smell go away) and find a hiding spot that you YOURSELF can barely get to. I would suggest keeping your stuff in a locked safe hidden in a very remote location.
  5. thanks for the advice
  6. Your 18, your mom has no reason to continue supporting you so I would obey her rules unless your trying to move out soon. Leaving your house to smoke isn't that big of a deal.

    May I have your attention please.

    Sagelike, oldman on the mountain wisdom type shit coming down the tube at ya.

    Ok your 18 and mom caught you smoking & took your toys away. That whole sentance just reeks of 'shucks man I'm just a kid'.

    Speak to your parental unit on an even plain in a calm voice with a well researched argument as to why it's beter for you to smoke at home where it's in a safer controlled environment. Versus gureilla smoking out in the world whereever you can & taking the risk of random (and most unfortunate) law enforcement encounters. weighing out the issues of canabis vs booze. (if your drinking stop & call it a victim of the war on drugs)

    A couple random pointers:

    when talking to the mom unit, try to avoid slang words when describing it. Stick to more common terms like Canabis, Marijuana, Pot ets etc.

    Make inquiry in to her smoking history. If your 18 chances are she's around my age & I have yet to meet someone who grew up in the late 70's & early 80's that hasnt known the green love.

    If the worst case scenario comes up, say fuggit & get your own place, your 18 for fucks sake. Be a man & stand on your own

    So uh ....YEAH!

    Good luck w/ the mom
  8. #8 TBKDub_Tree, Feb 21, 2009
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    If you're 18 she has no legal right to do anything to you. Leave her.

    But I'm assuming you're not 18, you just will get kicked out of GC if anyone finds out, so let's pretend you're 16. Make a homemade bong, be smart about smoking (read the thread "Being a Sneaky Stoner 101"), and get a better hiding spot.

    Keep toking, yo.
  9. Dont do it at your house and buy eye drops,

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