HELPPP!!! *Pics* GHS Cheese, inside of leaves yellowing

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  1. 4th day of 12/12 under 430w hps
    still using veg nutes
    pH 5.8
    water everyday
    temps 95 in the day and 75-80 at night (yes i know, its hot, im working on it)
    i added epsom salt (not mag deff)

    any ideas? (pics from phone, sorry)

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  2. i had the same prob once and a more expirenced grower i know said it might be from to much nutrients but my nutes were pre measured for the hydro kit i had so i kept giving my plants the same amount and they stopped doing that once they got bigger so maybe cut down on the nutes a lil just a sugestion:smoking:

  3. thanks man im open for any help at all :hello:

    stay high :smoking:
  4. Looks to me like 1 of 2 perhaps.

    Any burning ( crisp ) at tips ?

    Have you recently sprayed the foliage, with anything, including, feed leaks ?
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    the tips are crispy :( i didnt even notice that...

    i spray with pH adjusted water (only at night) so my hps doesnt burn my leaves...

    btw i have 3 other plants, and none of them are effected

  6. You going to listen to me. Good
    1: Stop All Foliage Feed
    2: Immediately, Remove all, and ANY Damaged foliage.

    Wait, Keep all liquid OFF the Foliage . You will be fine, unless there is more stuff I'm unaware of. And there is lots.

    See you around

  7. thanks man :hello: really appreciate it
  8. Hate to complicate things, but the symptoms show 3 possible issues going on here. One is a magnesium deficiency, but since you have added epsom salts, that it is unlikely. Next is a zinc deficiency, but that is pretty uncommon. The strongest candidate is probably going to be Ph issue. If you have had Ph fluctuations, it can cause nute lockout, but still allows absorption of the salts left behind by the nutes. That shows in the way the leaves have the yellow varigation in them. A good flush with Ph adjusted water should help get you back on track. Once the flush is done and the plant has dried out some, add nutes at 1/3 strength. And keep an eye on your Ph level.

  9. im in my first week of flowering should i still just flush with pH adjusted water, and i checked the run off its a 5.8 pH level
  10. Yes, a flush will not cause any harm, and will wash out any salts left in the soil.

  11. alright so tommarow when my HPS comes on im going to remove the yellow spots, stop spraying the plant and start the flush :hello:

    i hope it works.... thankkss sooo much Tim and WWM :D

  12. Flushing dude, never hurts. Try to flush, every 2 week's, but not 3 times your medium, but 1 times your medium. Do it slow, pour, stop, pour, rest 15 min, repeat, until water is gone. Less stress on your laddies.

  13. right on. i thought flushing was just feeding just pH adjusted water, this is why i love GC im learning new things everyday

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