!!HELPPP!!Male plant!!!!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tokeNchoke, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. My friend hooked it up with a pretty nice healthy plant execpt the only thing is its a male. Is there anything i can do like clone some of the stems or do something to get a female?PLZ i need some help
  2. ok you can make hash! or you can smoke the lil "balls" the plant produces which i hear is a trippy high

  3. no way to change it, its male. sorry :(

    and smoking the balls does nothing..all it is is pollin for the female seed pods.
  4. I have tried smoking the male flowers, as well as the smaller leaves from males. Complete waste of time, unless you want to collect pollen to seed a female-just kill em. By the way be careful how you dispose of them-dont chuck them in with garbage that can be traced back to you (envelopes etc). No point getting careless.
  5. eyah chuck em.... no good tast like shiiiiit..... like they said don't toss em in your garbage toss em in someone elses! Like a cops...
  6. ya was stoned on that last post...but you can make hash
  7. Hmmm, wonder if anybody could point me in the right direction here....

    How would i recognise the difference between a male plant and a female plant?

  8. i had some trouble identifiing my plants for a while but for male u should look for balls there usally buched up together at the top and on nodes there the pollen sacks if u see these get em out and the females have pistols they look like a little white hair thats what u want
  9. i hate 2 say this but u can smoke male flowers. they have the same resin glands as the females. also becuse the male flowers r so small compared to buds the male plant has a much easyer time growing them and the thc is atleast = to the thc in a female plant.

    when i get a male or a hermi plant i keep all the male flowers and at the end of the grow i smash them all up then flat press them, it gives u a kinda yellowish hash. stronger than buds cus u aint got as much green in it.

    do wot u want with ur male plant tokeNchoke but if u do bin it can u pull the balls off it 1st and send them 2 me, if u dont want them that is.


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