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  1. Hi folks. really need input on this..

    I rinse the coco out, pre-charged with 1ml/1ml/1ml Micro/bloom/cal-mag ( to 1liter bottle) and I PH'd to 5.8. I pre-charged untill 20 percent runoff. done.

    Am I doing this right?, i did the math, people put 5/5/5 to 1 gal water, this is why I put 1/1/1 to 1 liter water. this is right?.. ( well, to 1liter water, the math came out suppose to put 1.2/1.2/1.2 but i just did 1/1/1). AND After they sprout, for the first 2 weeks , just plain PH'd water is fine?..

    Can anyone please explain this to me ?! ..

    or forget about everything and try to aim 100~200 ppm during seedling
    / 200~300 during vegging...?:

  2. If you are new to growing I would suggest just simplying it. Stop getting so worked up, this is supposed to be fun!

    How old are your plants? Sounds like seedling stage... if so, just use regular tap water until they are 3"-4" or for a week or two depending. Then ease into the nutrients. Just use light dosages at first.
  3. Wrong.... 3.7 Liters in 1 Gallon and if you want to measure the PPM get a meter
  4. for the first 1 or 2 , just PH'd water, right?.

    what about the pre-charge ? I did it right, right?

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