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  1. ok so i jus got this grape ape clone it looks great i have it in a rubbermaid tub with aluminum foil all in side of it and a small 6 inch fan the box stays at a teputure anywhere from 82 to 88 degrees throughout the day. what nuets should i use i alredy bought superthrive but havent started putting it in the water yet im gonna start when it is about 3 and a half weeks old when i transplany it from the cup it is in to a pot. tips and any kind of helpful info is apreciated thanks
  2. is it rooted?, no nutes during rooting
  3. when you start to feed it . 10-52-10 in a very light solution small ammounts to start. a simple rule, when you see new growth on a cutting that has rooted and in soil thats when you start with the food. over feeding kills more plants in a year than the cops do in ten years. take it easy at first, watch for nute burn.

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