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    I planted this a few months ago and hid it between some of the many plants in my back yard while high and never found it again till a few daya ago lol...can anyone tell me how this plants doing? Im asuming not great... Or anything els i should know? Will it bud? Has it already? Sorry im new to this any help would be much apreciated thankss
  2. It's not a good picture but It deffinatly is budding, Either its an auto, or its been flowering due to short light hours.
  3. How do i know when its done budding =o
  4. take a better picture and post it on this thread. try to get up close to where the leaves are all bunched up on the tip. I'll be able to give you a better opinion.
  5. Better, not great though hahaha. I can see the buds though, at least a couple more weeks it looks like, but if you could maybe use a camera and make it not so blurry that'd be helpful.

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