Helping the Government

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  1. Alright well I was in english class and every day when we walk into the class our teacher asks us what we did the day before after school. When it came to me to tell him i replyed " Helping the government" and he said what? all confused didnt really know what i ment and sorta brushed it over his shoulder then my buddy knew what i was talking about in the same class and started laughing.

    "Helping the Government"
    Burning the marijuana to take it out of this world so it cant be smoked again by someone else really if you think about it we are taking one for the team and apperantly risking our lives to save others. ;)
  2. Hahahaha that's really clever

  3. aha thanks : )
  4. That is pretty damn clever, good thinking. But seriously.. fuck the government haha.
  5. very true... fuckin government making my wife mary jane illeagal

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