helping old people with technology...

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  1. i fucking hate it... its like when our family got a computer and they asked me to show them how to use it, and i go this is called the mouse just to be yelled at for going to fast for them. so my dad who can barely work a cellphone got an iphone and now hes calling me asking how to do this, how to do that, your gonna have to come over here and show me... and he refuses to take the free class that apple gives that shows you how to use their already easy as fuck to use phone :mad: and my mom had to get a smart phone too but wouldn't get the same one i have, cause that would be too convenient for me to help her with it. she had to get something completely different that ive never used before and she gets all pissy at me cause i cant help her with it...:mad:

    anyone else want to drive their head through a wall when they have to help older people use technology?

    (yes i hate old people, if you ever waited tables you would too)
  2. My grandma seems to think it is ok to employ her grandson (for free mind you) to all her friends. After having to go to one lady's house to help her record tv on a VCR ( a fucking vcr - i never even used one before). After I helped a different friend install firefox, I started saying that I don't know how to fix her friend's problems.

    fucking hate old people and techonology.
  3. lol.... ur moms a bitch. jk but that sucks
  4. Yeah I feel your pain. Only time it's fun is when you get to teach them how to play video games.I remember when my mom first decided to get a phone and asked for my help.After being utterly annoying about it I put straight outta compton for her ringtone. took her a few days to find someone to take it off for her
  5. idk man I have to help my grandparents with that a lot. They are always really nice a appreciative though so I can't really empathize. The only thing that does get to me sometimes is my grandmother doesn't retain shit.
  6. I used to be a tech kid in high school, oh the joys of helping teachers with their computer issues. :rolleyes:

    One of my favorites was always the people who would bring in their computer to be fixed and they walk in carrying just a monitor.

    Did you think that big rectangular box under your desk that you put CDs and floppy disks into was just a paper weight? :confused:
  7. i usually just start yelling and then they go well excuse me and leave me alone :cool:
  8. I'ma fucking genius in my familly because I know how to open up internet explorer....its fucking annoying
  9. my mom got an android phone a couple weeks ago and i shit you not she does not know HOW TO HANG UP!!!!!!!!

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