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Helpful Tips for Vaporizer Users

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by blackbur, May 7, 2010.

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    I wanted to make a thread full of vaporizer tips..basically filled to the brim..so it can be a one stop place for people seeking advice..or lil tricks for their vaporizer instead of 100s of threads about it.:hello: (yes i do know about FC)

    Drop Tips for vaporizers

    If you notice a difference in the heating element..check the outlets in your house some of they might have different power outputs(especially if your in a old house..or if you had a half-assed technician) when you find a good outlet stick with it. and also try not to have too many appliances on at once it puts a toll on the breaker after time.
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    - Save your vaped bud and make edibles!

    - Dont go over 240C (464F)

    - Dont use too much herb, read your manual on how much to use

    - When using a whip dont pull super slow for a long time because you might cause the herb to combust

    - If you want super dense hits go up in 10 degree increments instead of 5

    - When doing bags if you want the thickest vapor use the slowest fan speed

    - Keep in mind that vape high takes longer to hit you than bong/joint/blunt high, so dont go overboard if you dont feel anything at first
  3. ^Well said,
    Also, if you have a whip-stule vape, make sure you scrape out that deliciouls gunk in your whip and tubing and smoke that up because it is extremely potent and gives a great high. HIGHly reccommended...
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    Yup, this is a great thing to do. A (semi) easy way to do this is to get a screw with a head that is about the size of your tubing, tie a string to it, and pull it through your tube. It'll scrape all the delicious caked up resin off for you :).

    - If you ever get water in your vape bags, take them apart and turn them inside out and let them fully dry before using again (happened to me, if you dont dry it inside out immediately it'll get mold inside. Breathing in mold = not good)

    - After you take a hit, try and take a big breath of fresh air (this will give you a good taste of the herb, while at the same time putting more oxygen in your lungs which will move the THC molecules around and cause them to absorb more)

    - Always let your vape warm up for at least a few mins (if not more) for optimum vapage
  5. More then one:

    READ YOUR INSTRUCTION MANUAL!! read it thoroughly multiple times, before you set up any new unit and a few more times at least so you get used to the specific model.

    Hold in your vapor. It's best to aim for small light hits that you can hold in your lungs until nothing is exhaled. Unlike smoke, holding vapor in longer will get you higher.

    Don't buy a piece of shit vaporizer, you'll regret it later on. Do lots and lots of research on specific models before you commit to purchasing a specific unit.
  6. Not sure how I forgot those, but NYC is spot on.

    - Learn how to use your vape. If you're paying $200+ for a nice vape, learn how to utilize every single thing on it!

    - And yeah, the $50 ebay vape isn't going to get the job done as well as the higher-end vapes. I know some people on here have (and enjoy) them, but if you're in it for the long haul drop some cash on a good one like NYC said.
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    Register your Vaporizer

  8. Toxins begin to be released at 195C (382F), so if you really want to get all of the health benefits from vaporizing, I wouldn't go above 195C. At this temp, your ABV (already been vaped) should come out a uniformly dark brown.

    Vaping is all about surface area, so make sure you get a grinder and grind that bud up pretty fine.

    And if you really want to try something that is REALLY, REALLY nice, try hitting your vaporizer through a bong filled with hot water.
  9. don't try to take the biggest hits you can. i find that taking smaller hits and really making an effort to inhale gets me noticeably higher.

    if you have a 4 piece grinder, try using it upside down for a few turns to get the bud extra ground up. holding it upside down prevents it from falling into the "catcher" part too soon.
  10. Don't over pack the bowl..vaporizers make a lil go a loooooooong way. take advantage of that.
  11. sometimes if your severely lazy, you can take a resin coated screen and burn it with a bic then do a little alcohol wash and it will be clean..but its suggested that you change the screen or soak it in alcohol.
  12. i fuckin love this thread!

    i've been rippin a china vape, i got lucky and its paid for itself multiple times

    ill have a MFLB soon though... then maybe a surfer or extreme...

    smoking sour berri reppin 315 NY!

    you guys covered just about everything i could think of, deff make edibles w/ avb!!!

    simple recipe, mix avb w/ peanut butter and bake at 350f for 25-30 min
  13. after experimenting with Avb..i found that you can basically sprinkle it on food and eat it. Depending on the amount of AVB and the quality of bud before it was vaped will give you a good idea of where its going to take you.Gotta just eye it out and experiment see how much takes you to get where.

    Vaped Dank..is most effective..Vaped Mids will take twice as much normally.

    Store AVB in glass jars or other air tight containers..even though its vaped mold can still form inside plastic sandwich bags and other porous materials..also vaped bud often gets stuck on the side of the bags especially if its crushed into powder.

    If your AVB jar is getting kinda full you can crush the bud with a spoon or another utensil to make it closer to a powder..also helps with surface area for baked goods later.

    Pace yourself while vaporizing, otherwise you will just get super fucked up..and end up using large amounts of bud..vaporizing is for enjoying the taste/high/other cannabanoids(sp) in your bud..take advantage of that but dont abuse it.

    If your vaporizing indoors, please be aware of the air circulation in the place where you are .Yes the vapor does evaporate but it takes away so crack a window open or turn on a fan so you aren't chillin with a huge cloud in the room.

    Another one..Never leave a vaporizer unattended last thing i want to hear is how a fellow blade almost burned down his house..cause crazy shit can happen :(

  14. Really good point.
  15. However, some vapes are designed to stay on 24/7, such as the Purple Days, and poses no more of a danger than a computer or television that is on standby or a refrigerator that is plugged in all day. But with the use of any other type of vape, I would agree that one should not leave a vape unattended.
  16. Don't grab the bottom of the gog bowl! Hot hot!

    Use your vap as it was designed for also! Get those oil scents or poparie (spelling) and make your area smell really nice

    I let mine sit in bowl for 5-10 mins and 1 fan speed at 195 works beauty for me

    buy good bud! You won't regret it.. More potent clouds and the taste of good dank Is like nothing else!
  17. Clean after heavy and prolonged use.

    If you want..scrape and collect the resin. otherwise just use Rubbing alchol and some sandwich bags..just place your whip..or parts you need clean..let it sit overnight..then take it out the next day and let it dry..if you want you can use the alchol used to clean to make hash or pour it down the sink..the choice is up to yours.

    and on the cleaning note..treat your machines with care..nobody wants a broken vaporizer.
  18. When vaporizing with people who are new to your machine/vaporizing its important to show them your inhaling techniques, how to pack and load, how to adjust the heat and turn off the system. because before/after a session they may not know what to do..plus its fun educating your friends..who knows they might be a future vaporizer aficionado.
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    Good tip^
    I use my vape attached to a bong filled with water so it's very important to stress not to blow in or it could be very dangerous. The really good thing is when a vape noob is hitting the vapor bong I can watch the chamber and tell them to pull faster or slower according to what I see. For me it's easy to tell how much vapor there is but they usually don't notice anything. I usually say to start off pulling slow.

    I always love to explain how the unit works in terms of not burning the herb.
  20. Slow Pulls = bigger hits with hotter vapor

    Fast Pulls = smaller hits but cooler vapor

    normally applies but other factors affect as well.

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