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  1. ok i know im new and everything but i need some extra opinons, ok like friday i wanted to get a buzz before i went to sleep and took like 4-5 hits off some regs (more like shwagg) but anyways i got a call from my PO today and i got a test of friday. so all together thats a week, but i havent smoked anything in a month between this..... do u think i will be able to pass? by the way im like 170 6'3 i'm in a basketball league ( heard exersizing helps remove the thc from the fat) thx
  2. Yeah man, i suggest a detox.

    If you click 'Search' along the top menu, you can search for 'drug test' or 'detox' and you'll find a vast amount of threads relating to this.

    Hope that helps, good luck with the DT!
  3. so ur saying without it ima fail?
    :confused: :confused:
  4. no, but you're much more likley to fail without detox.
  5. Search for Azo Standard.


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