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  1. ok im 18 and i live in the us. i still live at home so i was wondering if they send the seeds discretelly packaged or do they type mary jane all over it. also could someone give me a reliable site to buy northern light from
  2. One company sends them so discretely, you will think you got ripped off. And then when you send them a blistering email claiming they ripped you off, you get a reply that says "Hey Dumbass, look here and you will find them." And then you are like "I'm a dumbass, noy they did a good job of hiding that"
  3. my last seeds from - you can send money orders instead of credit card. They come in plain packaging, and there are loads of varieties... no one need ever know...


  4. Is it so discrete that people who live with you wouldn't even have a clue what it was?
  5. i live in the US too. is there a US site that is reliable and ships?? or even a different country site that has like american dollars price??
    let me know if you find a good place

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