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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by (AfX), Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Hey, I'm looking into getting a small sized digital scale. I was wondering if you guys had any you could suggest to me. Also I was wondering if you could give me some information on what many sizes of marijuana measure out to in grams. For example, 1/8th, dime, etc. Thanks alot.
  2. ive got an mx-200 that i ordered direct buy from ebay. you can probably search for the same thing.

    after shipping and american to canadian exchange rate, it came to 56$.

    took only 3 days to get here, across the border, which was a bonus.
  3. yea Ebay is really the only way to get a nice (used) scale for cheep. now if u really want a nice one just go to ur local headie shop and buy one.

    now for the other question...
    ummaround chi-town's burbs size goes as follows:

    .5g nick(el) bag-$5-10
    1g dime bag-$20
    3.5g is an 1/8th-$40-60
    7g is a 1/4-$80-100
    14g a 1/2oz-$200+
    28g for a full Oz.-round 325 or maybe less.
    122g for a Q pound if my math is right.....and i believe the QP was like a little less than 1300.
  4. e-bay, ez-weigh 200 or 300, their like 16 bucks total with shipping, great scales, i own a ez weigh 200z, its awesome, light, portable, easy to use.

    my area doesnt use nick and dime bags... but standard prices follow as:
    1g= 15
    1/2=130-160 (depending on who ya know)
  5. I pmed you link to the exact scale i have which has taken a beating over the year and is still on the first set of battires. I love it
  6. Could you PM me that link if possible? Im looking to get a new Digi aswell. Sorry for kinda hijacking this.
  7. Thanks.
  8. .5g-5$
    oz-180-200$(depending on the quality
  9. Damn, you guys have some cheap weed.

    We don't really do grams, but if you want one, it's 15.

    Half eighth, 1.7g - $25
    Eighth, 3.5g - $50
    Quad, 7g - $100
    Ounce, 28g - $350
  10. Yeah, where I live its
    1/8th = $50
  11. i think he means like what each weighs?
    if thats the case:
    1/8 3.5 g's -25-35$
    1/4 7.0 g's- 50-75 $
    1/2 14 g's 100-150 $
    1 ounce 28.5 g's 200-400 $
    (i think its pretty simple from there)
    4 ounces = QP
    8 = HP
    16 =pound
    2000 pounds = 1 ton (thas alotttt uh weeed mann)
  12. u guys r insane dude u put high prices up on here...

    dub-20 (best deal around here)
    half ounce-usually 75-100

    i dk bout u guys i guess u live in more expensive weed joints... but shit its cheap here i guess
  13. Yea, you can get a nice digital scale for around $20 shipped off ebay.
  14. Colorado's got the dankness :hello:

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