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  1. so about 4days into 12/12 my ballast or bulb went out! (i had/have a 320w MH warehouse light) but now the light wont turn on ( the little light, the one that turns on to prevent hot start is lit up and the MH bulb is trying to start {the little ball in the center is lit just very dimmly} does anyone know if the bulb or the ballast is FUBAR?
  2. Put your other bulb in to test if its the bulb or ballast, problem solved
  3. easier said that done! the lamp i have is like a speciality bulb with a crazy ass molgul fitting...i guess im stuck finding a new lamp.
  4. well for the time being (next few days) ima put 3 floro's in my tent :(
  5. Whelps there it is a new hps (even though you can't see the light ha)

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  6. So I got a huge issue... I'm two weeks into flower and they are getting burned, plus I have to open the tent to keep the temps at 84ish (92 if closed) what do I do about keeping temps down I already have a 240cfm fan sucking air from top and have a tower fan inside

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  7. Try to keep the outside temps as low as posible. (Air going in the tent)
  8. ok so i opened up the room that its in so it has a cross breeze, now my question i buy a 100dollar C.A.P. INLINE can fan or do i get a AC unit?
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    ok my next question they have adapters to make my 6in hole fit a 8in fan?

    NEVERMIND i found the "duct reducers" ha
  10. don't forget the fan speed adjuster/temp speed adjuster... using reducers like that usually warrants slowing a fan down.... fyi
  11. So it basicly be easier and cheaper to get a 5300btu AC unit off Craigslist for 100 rather than buy fan, reducers, fan control etc...?
  12. so im stuck opening and closing the tent every 12hours ha...oh well, but can anyone tell me what is wrong with this plant in this video, mine has the same symptoms ( [ame=]What is wrong with my plant - YouTube[/ame] )
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  14. You still need air to be extracted and fresh air to come in. Just cause an ac is in the box. Dosent put you out of the woods. The ac alone will extract like 100f + temps out the back of the unit... along with extracting the tent air. You need air extraction and intake along side your ac unit. Unless your ac unit draws outside air in. But you still need to get the ac unit hot air and the tent air out of the tent..
  15. Well I have a 240 cfm at top pulling air and a 400 cfm pushing air in is that enough?
  16. Do it the other way around..
  17. Lol month later haha thanks bro I got it :)
  18. wow to the day... yeah dude use them backwards.. I didnt see this post till today sorry
  19. haha no worries brov, i ended up switching up the fans and cooled it down 10+ degrees it stays at 74-79 now rather than 81-89 ha.

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