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  1. I have drawn a pic and let me explain... The drain for the water is made too high for the small pots i have so the water level rises above the pots, and the plants float and fall out of the pots into the water. please help... the picture will explain more.

  2. The overflows usually are two parts, the drain (with the screen) and an extension..
    You can remove the extension to lower the flood level..

    Is this a bought system or a DIY system??
  3. *scolls down to view pic*

  4. Ya the pic helps alot bro
  5. Sorry guys... I was stoned when I drew that pic. And it was drawn in paint... It was self made :)
  6. i'll take a pic... brb
  7. 2 issues... stagnant water in the tray, and the plants fall over when the pump is on.
  8. You are overwatering them. Turn the water pump timer down or you will fuck them with root rot. :D
  9. it's set for 15 minutes; the shortest amount of time possible. not to mention the fact that it happens in about 20 seconds.

  10. If its watering every 15 mins you will just rot those roots and fuck the grow. Plants should go throught a wet and dry cycle. :)
  11. no. 15 minutes 2 times a fucking day. im not stupid.
  12. Why ask dumb questions then ????????
  13. it's not a dumb question. you just aren't understanding the question... i asked how to fix the plants from being flooded.
  14. Again, that drain is two parts...
    Take off the extension...

  15. Thats why pots have drainage holes. Pots for hydro growing have bigger drain holes so you cant drown the plants.
  16. You are overwatering them...........................

  17. thank you, i sawed part of it off and now it is perfect. You're a plant saver. :)

  18. I was hoping after the battle with TWISTA there you would see my post..
    As long as you're fixed... ;)

    When I ran flood tables with hydroton I would flood the young every 2hrs (for 15min) and plants 3 weeks or older every 3hrs..

    Cant tell if you used rockwool or not..
    If you did, make sure the roots are out of it before you start flooding that often.. If the roots are not out, you want that RW to become moist before you flood again... RW does not hold O2 when wet, so keeping the RW too wet will cause slow root growth, to root rot, and even death with seedlings..

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