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  1. Can a seed get too old or bad if u don't try and grow it soon enough??
  2. Nope. As long as its a cool dark place. They germinate seeds that are many thousands of years old ones they find in Egyptian tombs and such.
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    Thanks man. Can they just be bad seeds mine have been wrapped in a bunch of damp paper towel in a cup. Do u recommend a better way of doing it?

  4. I misread...yes seeds can go bad. I thought you were asking about long term storage.

    Bad seeds are usually black..sign of fermentation of the material in the seed.
  5. They don't germinate seeds that are many thousands of years old, unless two is many. The oldest viable seed was about 2,000 years old and the second oldest was about 1,300 years old. You can read about them here: Oldest viable seed - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Seeds most certainly do go bad- nothing lives forever. I've had the unfortunate honor of purchasing 8yr old seeds and 90% of them wouldn't germinate. I tried buying them from a different retailer in a different country and got the same results. All were sealed packs from a popular & well known breeder. I twice bought the same seeds, packaged the same year as the DOA ones, when they were one and three years old without problems. While there are always exceptions, you should expect the average seeds kept in good conditions to start going bad after around five years.
  6. Does this look good still?

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  7. i lways recommend peat pellets. they give you some leniency with watering
  8. it looks like its toast. has it been in water
  9. one more thing.. keep the seeds warm when germinating
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    What does that mean? I had it in a damp paper towel.
  11. i kinda figured long has it been in water. more then a week its probably toast. when i first started growing i used to germinate like that. then i switched over to peat pellets. went from having to water constantly to watering once a day. i throw a little halogen light on the pellet to keep it warm so it germinates faster.
  12. I don't even know what that stuff is.

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