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  1. My clones are turning yellow!!! And there bout 9 days old now, the bottom leaves turned yellow and fell off and now the next set r turning. I have had humidity problems staying at 40ish any feedback?
  2. I keep mine under a dome to keep it humid, your humidity seems low. Is there any root development? It‘s not unusual for clones to look shitty.
  3. I believe there r roots i tugged on em and they seem solid there not coming out the bottom yet...
  4. is that 9 days from being cut/cloned? also your humidty is far to low for for clones, as mentioned above, use a dome over them, you need your humidity at 80-100%
  5. Ohh ok no clue had to b that high thanks wow i was breaking out ..after u said that i put them under dome and humidity is raising sweet thanks
  6. Yes by the way they r 9 days from cut...also my temp is steady at 80 is this fine?
  7. that temp should be ok, also you can spray some plain water into the dome, just enough to make it look like its been raining in there lol, to help keep humidity up

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