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  1. hello boys and girls cats and squirrels, soo i need some help. i just started growing and my plant is in my closet and my pot and soil is infested with ants or termites? and i want to change the soil, but my plant just sprouted, and im wondering if it would be a good idea to change right away or wait until the plant gets bigger? (if it can with the insects) i will be switching to a bigger pot in a couple of weeks with new better soil im wondering if my plant will make it until then or if it would be a good idea to change the soil now to get rid of the insects?

    i put a picture of my plant, can you guys tell my if everything looks good so far? and just some tips would be nice! <3

    happy growing!

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  2. its probably not advised, but I have transplanted when they were that young before.

    plants lived.


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