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  1. ok i have posted this everywhere and still it hasnt been aswered.i need to know if its safe to plants some skunks in a abandoned greenhouse. it gets over 100 in there and bug are inside. but what i think would be good is this blue plastic barrel inside.i could plant them in there and that would keep away alot of ground bugs. but im worried about suffication and heat and watering. i am affraid becuase i would need tro bring my own distilled water and in cant carry that much all the wayt there. its like 2 or 3 blocks. and im afraid that the water would dry up fast.for suffication could i just put the plant outside for like 20 min ? or should i get some dry ice?i dont know see i was going to plant inside but then it got a little dangerous. sooo....i had to change it and im clueless about growing outside or in greenhouses
  2. im not too sure.. but i think the growing process stops at around 90 or 95.. and Dry ice doesnt last long at all and if you go and put a whole shitload in there its going to freeze the soil.. (trust me on that one.. i made the mistake my first try with dry ice..) the only thing you can really use dry ice for is for CO2.. not keeping it cool.. the place i work at sells dry ice and it doesnt last long enough to make a temprature difference from 100 degrees to the point where it would be nice enough in there to grow.
  3. uhhh. the dry ice thing i meant to give the plant like carbon dioxide. to help it breath better. i have no clue how to keep it cool. maybe just put it out side for like and hour everyday?
  4. really.. an hour wont do anything.. like i said the growing process stops at 90 or 95.. so your plants will only be able to grow for an hour a day.. the only way its going to work is if you can take the temp down.
  5. and how do i do that??i just cant. i dont know if its safe to plant anywhere out side.
  6. cant help you man.. if theres no way to bring the temp in the greenhouse down.. your S.O.L.. unless you take the risk and grow in your house
  7. Guerilla farming is the key to your success!
  8. thanks but my mom has started to think i am going to grow inside. so thats the whole reason i wanted to grow outside.but i guess im goig to have to risk my plant getting seen or stolen..

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