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  1. hi, if i'm growing inside, is lighting a must? i don't care how good or how bad the buds turn out. is it possible to just plant it, water it and still get good results?
  2. hey! i think its possible to get some bud, but still you will need to feed her. I've got a month old plant in a small pot with tomato soil thats in my room just for decoration. it has streched a lot and has a lack of nutrients.. older leaves are yellowish and dropy.. it's growing really slowly.. it gets like 6 hours of morning sun..
  3. I can't imagine why you'd wanna do that. I'm all for lower maintenance grows, but really, if you don't wanna mess with the hassle of growin indoors, why not just start em inside, then pick a spot outdoors somewhere, plant em, and come back in the fall?

    I gotta think their odds of producing anything would be better on their own in a nice field, under the sun and the rain, than indoors with no lights. just my $0.02 though.
  4. Lighting is a must, yes. Granted, you can put a reefer plant in a pot on the floor, with the nearest light shining through a window or shining down from a ceiling light. Since pot isn't a "house plant", it will look pretty rough pretty quick, but it will live.

    In order to get the plant to flower (unless it's an autoflower strain) then you will need a way to ensure that the plant gets 12 hours of total darkness, followed by 12 hours of light, and so on for 7-10 weeks. The 12/12 light schedule will be the most critical part for you. :smoking:
  5. throw a couple of cfl's around it. wasabe is absoultely right. put it in a closet and let it grow. 100w, 4x 26w full spectrum grow lamps. with fixtures and a fan , less than 100 bucks.
    atleast you will get something for your work.
  6. yes do humans need oxygen.:devious:

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