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  1. so i have some really strong seedlings and I have a cat the cat ate all 2 of the leaves on some of my plants its been a day and it is not dieing or wilting will it be okay????? and will produce more leaves?
  2. well if there is ANY foliage left ... possibly yes ... it will be funny and weird looking until it gets a new node of leaves ... lol ..

    Another tip ... Get you some red crushed peppers and spray your plants daily with it but with a fine mist to keep bugs and cats away ... Also if your cat gets up on something again and eats or just jumps onto anything ... just as a way to teach the cat NOT to do it you should spray a light mist in the air over the area the cat is going around and it will get it's paws on it .. licking it from the paws will make it learn to not go in those areas of the house ...
  3. wow, i never thought pepper would be safe to spray on them. thanks man! as for any foliage left... the seedling is just a stake in the ground with no leaves. well even if this little lady doesn't make i'll know how to keep the cat away for the next batch.
  4. first of cut the cats head off and if it was not hte main growth yes you will be fine but give it some revive

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