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  1. Lemon skunk
    Foxfarm Grow Big And Bloom


    This is the plant the lower leaves are droopy the newer ones seem to be fine but have a strange color

    (new leaves^^)



    The roots strike me as a problem. they are not brown but yellow the picture makes them look brown. There are a bunch of new roots that came in about 4 days ago and the upper half of the plant looks healthy


    Im contemplating cutting off some lower nodes and half of that root ball because i dont think its healthy


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    You haven't really given us much info....What are your room conditions? All the info you can give us about your grow will help.

    Now that I'm thinkin about it I had that same problem except the plants being droopy. Mine were just really overfed...what's your ppms?
  3. 4 Plants 400W MH 78-80 degrees at the canopy not sure of the humidity but on the dry side the 3 other plants are fine, good ventilation. They are growing slowly been vegging for 2.5 months from seed.
  4. Looks like pH trouble to me man, how reliable is your pH meter? Is it possible you've had a big swing in pH at some point? :)
  5. Its possible the meter is off but the other plants as I said are doing fine. Ill get some buffer ph stuff and calibrate it
  6. are you useing the rite gb theres one for hydro and theres one for soil. i was using the soil one in my hydro system and had no problem till i got new strains and stuff like what u got started happening along with burn. are all the plants the same strain?

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