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    Sry, I just smoked a bowl out of a waterfall bong.... wow
  2. [​IMG]

    you deserved that
  3. Thanks dude... That's... Awesome :rolleyes:
  4. C'mon crazy no need to burn the guy.

    I remember when I still got that high...
  5. Shit, it's been years since I smoked out of a waterfall. I gotta do that again.
  6. Has it been as long as this thread was started?
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  7. Nah, not that long. This thread was created the month I started smoking weed. I had only smoked a handful of times by then and not out of a bong yet I don't think.

    Fuck, actually this was created a year before I started smoking weed. I started January 2011. I'd go back to 2011 right now if I had that opportunity. The good old days.
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