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  1. i am in a huge predicament, i cannot keep the heat down , exhaust fans and intake fans and still temps rising into the high 90's F approx 35 c what else can i do? i have burnt out 2 fans already? any help greatly appreciated
  2. Storm38,

    Keep the doors of the closet open a little bit, and maybe even open a window just a touch, high 90f temps are gonna fry those little ladies !! :( keep us posted on how you are doing,,,,, and if possible give us a little picture of the grow spaces and we may be able to better suggest ways to get those temps down..... one other thing the exhaust fan should be posted at the top of the room and intake at the bottom, is that how you have it??? Remember heat does rise ;)

    Good luck,

  3. i have exhaust fans in the ceiling of both rooms and a floor fan in each room..the fans run when the lights run all on timers, i do open the door when the light is on, now and this has brought the temp down to a steady 82 f with good air movement. i don't have a window to open but should i maybe add another fresh air vent from the outside? if i can get my hands on a digital camera i shall post pics and heead any advice thanks budguy appreciate your knowledge!!!
  4. Storm38,

    Adding another Vent from outside would definatly help, seems your temps deacreased very well from opening the door a little bit during light period, so the vent will definatly help out alot.

    Good luck and keep us posted!!

  5. this is what i shall do then and i shall let u know how it goes....
  6. thanks never even thought about that,
  7. Get a bigger grow room too...your dimensions aren't much bigger than my reflector IMO:smoke:

    BTW storm38 were you a member at cannabisX?
  8. As you brought me over to the city I brought my good pal storm over here and he seems to enjoy iy as much as I do. And If im not mistaken it was Dankster right vato? lol why cant I remember shit like that all the time lol go figure.

  9. as the trip man stated he turned me onto the city and for this i am eternally grateful... if i could make a bigger room i would, as it is i have taken over approx 1/2 of my small shop to accomadate my hobby, can't do any home repairs anymore haha...
  10. Yep, I was Dankster...I wish X would've told us the site was shutting down so I could've saved some threads to disk.:smoke:
  11. dankster, i did enjoy alot of the threads u wrote, well it is a pleasure to meet ya... it was a surprise when it just disappeared.. but the city has been an excellent excellent place for info and some of the funniest things i have ever read, i really enjoy this site and the folks that are here!!
  12. What is the cfm of your exhaust fan? Try going with a fan with more cfm. Where does the exhaust go after it leaves your exhaust fan? How is it vented to the outside, or is it? Fresh air intake is a good idea.
  13. 60 cfm for each exhaust fan and yes they both vent dirctly to the outside, i am going to seperate the rooms as they have a dividing wall i will move them apart and see if this helps as well, burned out yet another 4" box fan this weekend they just don't want to run for more than 18 hours at a time, the heat has been better with opening the doors when the light cycle begins so it is a step in the right direction any way again thanks for the help i will let u know how it works out....
  14. i was wrong they are 50 cfm exhaust fans, should i go to 90? 110? this was not a problem when it was -20 c but with the temp. rising it is becoming a real concern... again all advice appreciated
  15. What exactly is your 4" box fan,that your burning them out so easily,,not a PC type fan I hope. budguy seems to have nailed it down..sounds like the exhaust fans cannot pull as they could with more available intake,,ducting from the outside as budguy suggested(screened as woody said) will certainly help...but 50cfm fans are not very powerful,,,I suggest more cfm. since your area is so small,,check out the post I made on Microwave Fans,,,may be usefull....keep us posted...

  16. the 4" fans i got were factory warrenties this i believe is the reason they burnt out.. i am looking into some pc or recycled microwave fans, will let u know how it goes thanks again for all the advice
  17. First priority is to get a fresh air intake. Cool air from a crawlspace works well. Next, the length of the duct from exhaust fan to the outdoor vent could be a problem. Sheet metal duct is best. The run should be as straight and short as possible. A fan has to work extra hard pushing a long column of air through a flex duct. You can also go with a transition to a larger duct if you are already using sheet metal duct. Remember to paint the inside of the duct black to cut visible light on the outside. If you are still having problems after all of this, increase your exhaust fan. 110 cfm should it. Let us know what you do and if it works.
  18. Don't think sheetmetal and crawlspace venting is applicable in an area 32" X 34" X 70" you? You must have missed part of the post.....But sheetmetal ducts are sure needed and used in the large grow areas....

  19. i am currently using flex ducting will try and shorten the runs this weekend, the temp. here has dropped off and the problem not nearly as great today thanks again for the advice

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