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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blazeitup12, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. ok, so i just found out today that i have a drug test thursday. and i smoked last wednesday, and it was the only time i had smoked this month, it was the last day of school and all. the drug test i'll have is supervised, they don't watch me directly but the door is kept cracked open and they stand right where the crack is. i'm freaking out i CAN'T fail this test. i've been taking vitamin b-2, b-12, niacin, and multi vitamins daily because i knew i'd have a test but i had no idea it would be this soon or i wouldn't have smoked..i got detox tea will that even do anything?
  2. If you want to try Q-Carbo try going to a GNC, but be prepared to spend between 20-40 USD on a bottle. Day of the test, drink about 2-3 gallons of water, piss 3-4 times 3-5 hours before your test (even if you have to get up at 3 am). Make sure the after your 2nd or 3rd gallon of water that day take a few vitamin pills, especially b2. You can try working out ( or just sweating a lot ) until then. Dont drink soda or very sugary drinks, diet coke is ok. Stay away from fatty foods.
  3. Drink lots and lots of water... until you have a headache and your stomach feels bloated. That's what I did, and I passed my drug tested (found out 4 days before, daily smoker)
  4. will those detox drinks make your pee a weird color? because i've seen them reject the pee if it is..they've threatened to test people if it looks weird to see if you've taken anything to pass it
  5. anyone know? and do detox pills work? if so, when do you take them?
  6. there are instructions, every detox pill is different, read all labels and follow the directions, also google drug test detection times, they have some studies for various recreational drugs, most have a chart for detection times using a test, urine, hair and saliva tests have different detection times,
  7. Out of curiosity, what will happen if u fail the test?
  8. If they're going to fail you for funny colored pee, I'd stay away from the vitamins. I take multi's and some others everyday and it basically glows in the dark. :D
  9. I'd say you should be sweet, although I'm no expert. If you haven't smoked in a month apart from a week ago, the THC should be outta your system pretty quickly. Drink a fair bit of water, do a lot of exercise, keep doing what you're doing.. good luck.
  10. yea a friend of mine got one of those drinks from a drug store and when he peed they told him to leave and dont expect a phoen call for the job becuase his piss looked like green gatorade lol
  11. haha yeah that's what i was worried about, they wont accept it if it's a weird color. =/
    and idk what will happen if i failed it, it's court ordered cause i got slammed with a trespassing charge just chilling with a few friends in their car on a back road, and the cops searched the car and found my friends weed, he admitted it was his, but apparently it was still suspicious that i was in the car so now I hacve drug tests. it's bull ****. i guess i'll go with diluting with water and just taking b2 to keep it yellow lol.

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