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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ahsun, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. I am going to amserdam with my family in two days. Do they ID at coffeeshops?
  2. Oh dear...

    Firstly- Yes, they card. The legal age to smoke in the Netherlands is 18.
    Secondly- You just incriminated yourself by revealing that you are under 18.

    However, there is an upside to this-

    420 posts! :wave:
  3. i wouldbt be suprised if you get banned......

    gotta watch what you say on here.

    but yea, they do ID. so just ask someone going into the coffeeshop to pick some up for you n give him money, that should do it.
  4. im 18,i was afraid that it was going to be 21...
  5. I'm not going to report you or anything- but your choice of words may result in a ban.

    Have fun in Amsterdam though.
  6. bro, if we can smoke cigarettes here at 18, why would you have to be 21 to smoke there?
  7. eya im not gonna report you either. just saying....

    and have fun there ive been a few times its amazing.

    you should check out the bluesky coffeeshop...

    order the super silver haze, best shit hands down

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