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  1. Okay, totally new to this, so if Im doing something wrong, feel free to advise me. So we have 3 plants growing right now. We arent really wanting alot since this is our first time trying to grow. We are kinda just seeing if we can actually do it. So we planted some seeds in those little pods that you can buy for planting flowers. You soak them in water until they expand, then you put the seeds in. So we did that. Once the plants sprouted, we planted them in a pot that has a diameter of about 12 inches. We planted them about an inch and a half into the soil. So now they are about 4 1/2 inches tall, have the two rounded leaves, two actual pot leaves and two more that are starting to sprout up from the middle of those. I guess my question is, did I plant them deep enough? The stalk kinda looks... scrawny. Other than that, I think they are doing alright. I dont know much about growing though. They are growing about an inch taller every 24-48 hours. Do you think that the stalks (dont know if thats what they are really called) will be able to support the plant? Will it get thicker as it gets bigger? Thanks for the help.
  2. Planting an inch and a half into the soil is a little more than I typically go, but they sprouted, so no worries. ;)

    What type of light are you using? You may be experiencing some unwanted stretching b/c your light source is too far away from the plants.

    Here's what you can do:

    Take some fresh soil and pack it around the stem up until the bottom of the 'sucker' leaves. If you cover the sucker leaves, no worries, they have already used up their usefulness anyway and will die sometime in the next couple of weeks. Be gentle and make sure your stem stands upright as you add more soil.

    Your next step is to get a light fan that oscillates. Direct it towards your plants so that they experience a little wind every 10 seconds. This will strengthen the stem and overall health of your plants.
  3. Well I planted them in the pods and waited for them to sprout before I planted them in the pot, just for that reason. I was afraid that they wouldnt sprout if I planted them directly in the pot. It was just easier for me that way, lol.

    Im using a CFL light and doing the 12/12 lighting schedule. Should I change that?

    And the "sucker" leaves are above the rim of the pot. Thats how much its grown. Should I try to transfer them to a different pot and fill the soil up to those leaves? I cant really do that in the pot that they are in now since they are so tall.
  4. I forgot to add that the light is about, eh... 5 inches from the plants. Whats the norm?
  5. Uhhh, you really need to read the grow FAQ's that are posted around this website. I'm not saying this to be offensive, but you're starting a sprout in 12/12 and there's probably just no other way to say it...

    Leave your single CFL on all day and spend the next several hours doing all of the research you possibly can.
  6. it depends on your wattage but I'd say you can get them closer. most people recommend 1-3 inches but I say just put your hand above the leaves and move the light closer until you feel the heat on your hand and then move them up another half inch. also you can use a toothpick or something and tie it to the stem to support it. honestly your stretching sounds pretty bad so you might just wanna start over... sad to say but I probably would if I were you.

    Titanium, you can start your plants on 12/12 from the beginning. You'll end up with one main cola and a few popcorn buds and it will only be a foot to a foot and a half probably, but it will work... and much faster.
  7. Never said you couldn't, but I won't envy your 7 gram yield. Read the way she stated the question, too.

    Also, it won't be that much faster, b/c the plant won't bud until it's sexually mature. Unless you have an autoflower strain, maturity won't be reached for at least 2 weeks. So you can immediately tack on at least 2 weeks to the total flowering time.
  8. Just thought I would add that I only wanted the plants to get about that big. I wasnt trying to get a whole lot out of this. Just wanted to see if I could do it. I have heard alot that you can do the lighting like that. Why exactally are you saying that I shouldnt? Is it just because I wont get as much that way?
  9. Shouldn't do CFL's? No no, CFL's are great for a lot of different reasons. If yield isn't a concern, you can start flowering from sprout as well. I'm just making sure you realize that a grow from seed takes a few months no matter how you skin it. If you're going to spend the time, it seems logical to at least have an acceptable harvest.
  10. shaking the plants daily & haveing a fan on them will help that

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