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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Bad_fish, Feb 20, 2009.

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    I live in San Diego and I recently got my medical marijuana card and and I am unable to find a dispensary closer than Dana Point. I was told by the doctor all the dispensaries around here were shut down by DEA. I wouldnt mind driving all they way out to Dana Point but unfortunatly my car is broke down, and I really can't get to Dana Point by bus. The doctor told me about delivery services but the only one i can find is in OC and I dont see them coming all the way out here, I've lost touch with any people i know from here who do have their club card so i dont know who to ask. Please San Diego people help me out!!!! I dont know where to go! I am new at this so if there is something obvious I'm missing just let me know! thanks. :confused:
  2. How did SD get shut down???
  3. The City and County governments continue to refuse to implement state law and are fighting it at every turn. They're almost out of options though, they've now decided to sue the state and try to overturn prop 215 and SB 420 and it MAY get heard by the Supreme Court. I say MAY, because it's already been shot down at the highest state level, and the Supremes don't really seem to be interested in hearing the case yet again. If they decline to hear the case, then San Diego and San Bernadino (the other county that is really strict) will be forced to allow MMJ.

    However, because clubs and dispensaries are still in legal limbo, until a definitive answer comes down from on high, they can still disallow them and shut down existing clubs.

    I'm so glad I left San Diego over a decade ago, the town I spent my teens in is no longer recognizable to me.

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