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  1. i just got a hydro system from a friend of mine.. its unused and came with everything except for instructions.....

    i don't have a picture because i can't find it online but it is one long cylindrical reservoir with 4 holes at the top... about 3 feet long... can anyone help me identify the system so i can get some instructions?

    i've never grown hydroponics before so i am new to this, any advice or help would be appreciated

  2. HIGH All, mmmmmm it could be a Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)

    The Nutrient Film Technique or NFT system is an active recovery type hydroponics system. Again, using submersible pumps and reusing nutrient solutions. The NFT uses a reservoir with a submersible pump that pumps the nutrient solution into a grow-tube where the roots suspended. The grow-tube is at a slight downward angle so the nutrient solution runs over the roots and back into the reservoir. The nutrient solution flows over the roots up to 24 hours per day.

    Oxygen is needed in the grow-tube so capillary matting or air stones must be used. The plants are held up by a support collar or a grow-basket and no growing medium is used. The NFT system is very effective. Although, many novice hydroponics growers find it difficult to fine tune. It can also be very unforgiving, with no growing medium to hold any moisture, any long period of interruption in the nutrient flow can cause the roots to dry out and the plants to suffer and possibly die.

    Does it look like this in anyway?

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  3. it looks a lot like that one in the picture, thanks unoit.

    do you know where i can find instructions?

    and what strain do you think would be the easiest to grow for a first timer?
  4. HIGH All, this should show you what you need to know. Ask as many question you want and we'll try to help you get to your first harvest.

    Seeds....maybe just bag seed or try JRS (Johnny Reefer Seed) sends free seeds All you have to do is send a S.A.E of a safe address with a stamp to cover the mailing. His seed request is down at the moment...but it'll be back, so I'd try him.
  5. WOW thanks alot, that makes it so much clearer.


    how do i get a plant to grow in one of the plastic baskets?

    how do i know how much nutrients to put in my solution?

    i don't think i have an "air stone" or an air pump, only a nutrient pump, what should i do?

    how easy would white widow be to grow? (money for seeds isn't that much of an issue) -- i'm looking for a strain with really high THC that won't be too hard to start...
  6. also, how much solution?

    does the solution ever need to be changed or refilled? and if so how often?

    what kind of light should i get, and what wattage?
  7. HIGH All, sorry been busy....Simply add water to the reservoir tank. Add the proper ratio of nutrients.
    Use a timer with the pump.
    Keep pH at 6.0 to 6.8.
    Top off Reservoir with water when it gets too low.
    Change out solution every 1-3 weeks depending on water consumption.

    Lights..that depends on your room I have a 1000w HPS in a 8x10 room.

    Here's more some info that will help.

    Seeds...why not try the WW if price isn't a prob.
  8. in that document, the marijuana growers handbook, he says:

    "This method is unfeasible for marijuana growers. "

    What should i do then?

    should i fill the baskets with some kind of drainable medium?

    i'm lost
  9. HIGH All, The plants are supported by collars which hold them in place. This method is unfeasible for marijuana growers.

    The collars was what he's talking about. You need to use Perlite and a Vermiculite mix. Here is another site that I hope will help you.
  10. wow that helps so much, thanks unoit.

    i'll be starting soon, and i'll post pictures.

    one last question though:

    it is a four plant system, how can i make sure they are all female? is it worth buying feminized seeds?

    or can i transplant into the system after i've sexed my plants growing in soil?
  11. HIGH All, yes buying femed seeds would be the answer. The plant has to start in the system...not in soil. Too much stress would come from it. Now if you had clones from a Mother plant, that would be the way to go. It's hard to say how things would grow...just do it and have fun. Just read as much as you can find out there.

    Sorry for taking so long to reply.....(HIC) been a long week my friend *LOL*.

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